In this world of saturated tech products, how much hard it is to get to the best option. I have been into this problem many times and there was no satisfactory solution for me till a year back. Most of us prefer major tech sites to search the product that may suit them the best. I did the same thing but major dilemma here is to get too precise information and accurate data. Most reviewers review products like they are selling it without answering the question that how this product is useful to me or what product is best for me under some specific circumstances.

This very question became the reason why Gadget Skull is right into the tech market. I decided to go through products in my own way by making things relevant to relevant people. For example, while coving best gaming mice, I divided mice into user categories. I started with four basic questions:

  • Who are the target users of this mouse?
  • To whom this mouse isn’t favorable?
  • Have I found the answer I am looking for this guide?
  • Has this guide helped me to get to the mouse of my choice?

Taking into account this question, I came up with something really valuable. It took me and my team some four weeks of continuous struggle but at the end, I was satisfied that I have answers to all four questions above. Same is the case with windshield wipers and stun guns.

My style of reviewing things is a little bit different from others. Not that I try to make things different, just because I start with an idea why anyone would need this product. Moving on, I make people realize that under these specific circumstances, they direly need this product.

After that, I take on manufacturing company to test their reputation. It’s little bit harder in case products that are launched by newer companies but still, I think they deserve a chance to get their products checked. Then I start thing with design and explain every side and node to keep things transparent.

All companies try to grab market with their new features but they really can’t be trusted without experimenting on them. I go with every feature listed in the user manual and test them at the end.Me and my team them discuss the product and we agree at one honest opinion. We really don’t care if the product is manufactured by a big name or not. If it has quality, we have to praise it otherwise we can’t compromise on honesty.

So that’s basically how we as a team review a product. Most recently, we have built a strategy to take a look at those products which people really love to buy but they can’t find any guide in this regard. Take the example of Sades AW80. It’s an under budget gaming headset and it still has placed on my workspace. But I found zero to no guide on it. Similarly, Punisher Helmet goes through the same case.

That is basically how we have reached masses in short period of time. I feel proud when people say that they found their answers. I specifically pay attention to the budgeted customer because I know how hard it is to get a reasonably priced product. So Gadget Skull is my brainchild but I am not a sole maker of it. We have writers and under the hood, tech reviewers working for it. The original motive behind this site still remains the same: “Providing you with an honest opinion by going through your questions”. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Jidaun Parker and I have the great support of Stephanie Derick, Stuart Jordan Dryden and Daisuke Katsumi Hyousuke in making this blog as a one-stop solution.

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Umair Mansha is studying Mechanical Eng (He hates it as though) from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. He loves Digital Marketing, Computers, Reading and the Internet. Every morning he refills himself with weird energy-inducing substances known as coffee and tea and then off saving the world, I mean working and surfing the internet of course. The author is not any kinda “marketing/tech expert” nor a web genius. Just another guy spending too much time online.

Mohammad Abid

Mohammad Abid

Mohammad Abid has been hooked on tech ever since he tried a Compaq PC clone when he was five. He’s big on mobile and is one of those precious few people who wears his smartwatch with pride. He’s also an unapologetic Canadian: Don’t be surprised if you get an earful about poutine or the headaches with Canadian carriers.


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Stuart Jordan Dryden is the wearables and smart home analyst at GadgetSkull. Since graduating from University of Manchester’s Campus in 2009, he’s been found reporting and editing in every corner of the newsroom at Viva Magazine, The Flux Magazine, and Didsbury Magazine. In his spare time, he bankrupts himself going to the theater, cleaning out the stacks at The Strand. Someday, he hopes FC Barcelona will win the league, but he isn’t holding his breath.


Addison Aiken is a reporter at GadgetSkull focused on diversity, inclusion and social justice. He previously spent two years at Business Insider covering tech startups focused on the shared economy, IoT and music industry. He is graduated from the University of Southern California in 2011 with a degree in Broadcast and Digital Journalism.

Daisuke Katsumi Hyousuke

Daisuke Katsumi Hyousuke is GadgetSkull’s Analyst obsessed with all things Gaming. Daisuke reviews Gaming accessories, and just about any other gadget that can be carried around with you. In his spare time, he collects Nintendo amiibos and tries his hand at publishing a book.


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Jidaun Parker




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