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Claiming that we are heading to the future, Apple has gone wireless in launching ceremony of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Furthermore, they kept things limited to their own kingdom by removing headphone jack which was a surprise to most of us.

Well, not an appreciating move but that is basically how Apple has been doing x review

Talking about wireless future, iPhone 7 comes with brand new AirPods which are basically wireless earbuds, supported by Bluetooth. It has a great battery life and uninterrupted connection and that is what we expect from companies like Apple.

The only problem here is that you have to talk to Siri to control your audio and that’s a very odd way to do it. I personally dislike the handling of music player using a digital assistant.

Well, AirPods grabbed the all media attention during launching ceremony, there aren’t many people who paid attention to Beats X–AirPods’ alternative that is affordable and light to use.

Beats X is a product by Beats by Dre and it is a true alternative of AirPods. As there’s no headphone jack on iPhone 7 and later series, the only way to interact with audio is using wireless earbuds.

Beats X Wireless Earphones:

Beats X has the very same W1 chip that AirPods have which reduces our pain of installing setup to your phone.

Both earbuds are connected to each other using small wire and it’s quite easy to switch between two Apple devices without any hassle.

Well, what exactly is Beats X and how it’s a better alternative, we have to dig a little bit more into it to find it. 😉

Apple might have called it an affordable solution but they really didn’t mean you are going to get it at the very economic rate.

Of course, it has a lower price tag that AirPods but in general, they aren’t an affordable wireless solution at all.

Don’t take me wrong but it’s a fact that Beats X tried to be part of Apple’s family.


Brand Beats by Dre
Connection Bluetooth
Connectivity Wireless
Dimensions 7.3 x 5.1 x 2.6 inches
Weight 11.2 ounces
Li-ion batteries x 2 Li-ion batteries x 2


Well, there aren’t many things to discuss in regards to design as it comes with a minimal design with no fancy textures.

We have two earbuds connected via wire. The wire is also not very long and keeps you away from tangling issues. You have to wrap it behind your neck to make both earbuds reach your ears.

Well, that was LG who first introduced that kind of earbuds and now many tech companies are covering the very same design because of its comfort level.

Not that I am a fan of wired earbuds but completely wireless earbuds are vulnerable to falling to the ground. Going with small wire is indeed a handsome decision because it is going to reside on your back even if it gets out of your ears.

Furthermore, wired connection between two earbuds bring some customization and make it easier to control audio settings.

Closer to the left earbud, we have three buttons packed in a small box that have a variety of functions. You can increase or decrease the volume or move on to the next track or attend the call. There’s also a dedicated button to call Siri.

Wires are made up of a nitinol alloy which makes it lightweight and easier to fold. Generally, bends weaken the sound quality but thanks to the durability of nitinol, you can fold it in any way without any issues.

There are basically six color options in this product and all of them are equally beautiful. You get black, white, gray, blue, matte gold and matte silver choices, so feel free to choose one of your taste.

I generally prefer white and gray ones as they look really good with iPhone.


Not a fan of Beats or any other third party products but it would be wrong to label them as cheap copies without testing them. After all, Phil Schiller announced it in iPhone 7 launch event. There are some worth noting features that give Beats X a distinction.

Bluetooth ChipsetCustomizationBattery LifeAccessibility
It comes with Class 1 Bluetooth chipset which boosts the wireless connection between phone and earbuds. AirPods also have the very same chipset and it works almost the same. An uninterrupted connection also improves the battery life.
Customization that these earbuds have is to be appreciated. iPhone has always been the center of criticism due to its tradition of making things limited. Take the example of AirPods here to make things relevant. It has only single size ear tips and it doesn’t care if it fits into your ear or not. But thankfully, Beats X has addressed this problem and comes with four ear tips of different sizes. Select the one which suits you the best and you are ready to go on.
Wireless products have one problem in common and that is battery life. Well, the fact is that wireless technology is evolving and it still needs some more time to become a healthy alternative to wired ones. Still, Beats X has improved battery life by manifolds. When fully charged, you can use it for continuous 8 hours without any major issues. Furthermore, charging speed is also well optimized. 6 to 7 minutes of charging can easily make your next two hours hassle free. I think that’s pretty much improvement and it is even more well-performing that AirPods in terms of battery life. Dre has named this technology as Fast Fueling and it’s pretty much interesting.
Another problem with AirPods is that you have to control everything using Siri and that isn’t an effective approach in my opinion. Beats X brings on hand accessibility such as taking calls, adjusting the volume and controlling the music and last but not the least, activating Siri. In general, they are very handsome features and make you free of music control using Siri only.


It would be wrong to expect anything less with earbuds with that much hefty price tag and I have to say that it hasn’t served even up to the balance. Sure there are improvements over AirPods but performance is a completely different dimension.

It works pretty well for higher beats but lower notes create a problem here. Furthermore, it is not airtight as claimed by Dre and you can still hear disturbing noise around you.

Overall quality of sound isn’t that much compromising but you won’t be getting strong bass which might be an issue for some of yours. I didn’t have pointed so many loopholes but the problem is that I have paid some extra bucks and thus I demand the same enhanced quality.

Quick charging and battery life claims by Beats X are more than true and that’s just outstanding. You can even make it more than 8 hours of music listening but that is a first new charging session only. But still, it works pretty well and charges quickly to give you another two hours of entertainment. Well, there’s no USB type C charging cable but still, it works well with lightning cable.


As far as we are looking for AirPods’ alternative, this product seems to be the excellent choice. With great battery life and quick charging, it works at some above average level.

Yes, there are some drawbacks such as price but still better than looking for AirPods which are even more expensive.

Sound clarity is also an issue yet there are some improvements too.

Beats X Wireless Earphone

Beats X Wireless Earphone


8.4 /10

Light Weight

9.0 /10


9.5 /10


8.9 /10


8.0 /10


  • Connect via class 1 Bluetooth
  • Take calls, activate Siri with RemoteTalk and even control your music
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • 5-minute charge gives you 2 hours of playback


  • There is no audio guidance

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