Best Stun Gun (Oct. 2017) – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Stun Guns Buyer’s Guide:

Best Stun GunWe are advancing too much fast to the future. New inventions such as hoverboards, robotic drones, and self-driving cars are no more than just a concept for non-techy people.

But the reality is that they exist. Moving back to some fifteen years ago, there was nothing else but ideas seen in movies but now developed countries are adopting them at a faster pace.

Now we have a Halo Rover that moves seamlessly over all the grass terrains. Our media channels now report using robotic drones known as Helicam. Similarly, Elon Musk promised to bring self-driving cars as close as 2020.

What is Stun Gun?

An electroshock weapon is just another addition to this surprise list. It was the brainchild of Ciril Diaz who designed an electroshock glove.

Hard to believe but I am talking about 1930’s. Further advancement was made by NASA’s researcher Jack Cover who developed Taser.

In other words, this electroshock weapon took many shapes and sizes and in 1976, it was identified as a firearm by Bureau of Firearms, USA.

That was a glimpse of the history of electrical weapon but it was never meant for general public. But most recently, the concept of personal security has taken new meanings.

A report by UNODC reveals that out of every 100,000 persons 7600 people are the victim of a homicide.

That’s quite a huge number and it’s alarming.Taking this scenario as an opportunity, many companies have introduced their security measures. A stun gun is one of the best devices for personal security and it is the result of years of advancements.

Best Stun GunHow to Choose Best Stun Gun?

What are essential characteristics of a good stun gun? Sit down because that needs some serious consideration.

There are few parameters that you should look upon before buying one for your security.

Have a look at the design of the gun. Do you think it would fit in your hand? Do you think you can easily manage a sudden attack with it? If so, you made a right choice because what’s a point of buying a device which has a low factor of ergonomics. For women, there are some designs such as lipstick that would work better than any other design.

Secondly, look for additional components. For example, modern guns come equipped with LEDs. These LEDs can help you to deal with darkness.

Amount of voltage is also an important factor. Guns with high voltage would work better because they will stun the opponent within few seconds for good length of time. But, be sure to do a practice session because it can even cause damage to newbies if not handled with care.

And the last thing is the power source. Try to go with batteries with larger capacity. This way you can work without charging it all the time.

If you’re looking for a non-fatal form of self-protection and you want an obscurable weapon with stopping power, then you may wish to consider a stun gun.

Well, there is only one and a big problem, finding that “Good” and best Stun Gun isn’t an easy job.

That is why we have created a list of Top 10 Best electroshock weapons of 2017. After researching online and spending hours and hours in testing these Taser Guns.

If you have limited time no worries just check this table out 😉

NameFeaturesBuy on Amazon
10. Guard Dog Dual-Spark6,000,000 Volt Check Price
9. VIPERTEK VTS-989230,000,000  Check Price
8. Terminator SGT800-60 MV15 million volts Check Price
7. Vipertek VTS-195 100,000-hour bulb Check Price
6. SABRE Tactical Stun Gun1.139 µC charge Check Price
5. POLICE SECURITY300,000,000 Check Price
 4.SABRE Stun Gun120-lumen LED flashlight Check Price
3. Streetwise Sting Ring480 uC charge Check Price
2. SABRE Slim Stun Gun 1.170 µC charge Check Price
1. Vipertek Stun GunProvides a sharp voltage shock Check Price

These are the best Stun Guns in the market right now picked by our reviewers:

1. Vipertek Rechargeable with LED Flashlight

Best Stun gunPowerful Vipertek provides LED flashlight.

This is designed with a safety cap as well as the off and on switch button. It includes internal rechargeable battery also, so you don’t have to need to buy other batteries.

By triggering, it produces an electrical sound that would scare anybody.

With the looks and sound of this conducted electrical weapon, most sensible attackers will turn away, but if they are that resolute and continue their aggressive behavior, then the electrical jolt will bring them down in their tracks.

This electric shock immobilizes the muscles making them impossible to continue their hostile and violent behavior. It also has a lifetime warranty like other ones.

02. SABRE Slim conducted electrical weapon with LED Flashlight

Best Stun GunWith a 1.170 µC charge, this SABRE gun is highly secure and persuades intolerable pain. It maximizes your protection and safety from extreme stopping power when you need it most.

You will also get advantage from a built-in LED flashlight that helps you to locate important things and items in the dark quickly.

For maximum accessibility, it features a pocket clip and holster.

It is safe to carry thanks to its safety switch.

Sabre slim gun measure the current not in volts but in micro-Coulombs, it is just because of volts is not an accurate indicator of stopping power, so it becomes a risky to express current in volts that tell you an incorrect measurement.

It has an extreme stopping power of 1.170 uC charge that gives you reliable protection and safety at the perfect time.

It has LED flashlight also that helps you to find and to see things more clear in the dark.

It is accessible and durable because of its size, and its dimension is 5.6inchesx 1.2inches x 0.86inches, it also includes belt holster and clip. Sabre has the safety switch that prevents the accidental charge.

03. Streetwise Sting Ring 18 Million (Black)

best Stun GunIf you are finding a solution for your security in a small package, so this Streetwise Sting ring is the solution of your problem.

It is the smallest device available in the market, but it has the powerful blow to attack an attacker in an awkward situation.

It has a fantastic feature of squeeze-n-stun technology. It is so easy to use and activate, you have just to turn off the safety and tighten your grip.

This helps you at every difficult situation like if you enjoy running alone or coming late night from anywhere, this device is ready to assist you at any place.

It is concealable in your fist also so your attacker will never know about what is in your hand, having a very lightweight and rechargeable so you can plug into a standard wall outlet with the charging cord provided with the conducted electrical weapon.

It comes with the lifetime warranty.

04. SABRE electroshock weapon with LED Flashlight

best Stun GunSabre is one of the best-selling guns of all the time as it is intended for the genuine barrier.

Its main and best feature is its high voltage that is in coulombs not in volts, that is why it is special in the whole ones.

It has an extraordinary high power that makes it special in the rest.

It has an extreme stopping power because it has a charge of 1.480 uC that gives you reliable protection.

It has a safety switch that prevents accidental discharge, If the gun is separated from the wrist strap, so It stops strap technology prevents the unit from shocking.

It also includes the wrist strap, belt holster, rechargeable batteries and access to a free training video.

Sabre’s has a LED flashlight of 120 lumen that helps you to disorient from a distance, and it allows you to escape from the place.

It is available in two different beautiful colors, black and turquoise.

05. POLICE SECURITY 999,000,000 Heavy Duty Tactical Flashlight

best Stun GunYou can get numerous advantages by using Police Security 300,000,000 by using this you can get rid off from the attackers.

It has lightweight and compact size just about the pound, having a rechargeable battery with good battery life.

It has the amazing electric flashlight that gives you the practical feeling of well-being.

It is quite different and unique from other items that are available in the market.

It has a flashlight of 400-lumen tactical field light and a heavy duty gun. Its body is made up of Type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy, equipped with 100,000-hour bulb and anti-roll design.

Its rechargeable battery gives you the advantage that you don’t have to buy other batteries for this.

It is most popular and demanded worldwide by security professionals, military, and police, but civilians can also buy this.

It has a complete metal body that allows you to shatter glass to use as a self-defense tool or in the event of the emergency.

Police security is made up from Military-Grade Aluminum Alloy that is the shockproof material, it protects the unit from damage and also used to strike your assailant.

It has 3 watts Cree LED light that help to keep you safe by illuminating the entire at night, Its light can give temporarily blind effect when you shined in the eyes of an attacker, by his ultra-bright light you can get a chance to immobilize him by striking him with the baton or with the taser gun.

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It’s baton has a long size of 14.5 inches. It is long enough to keep you a secure distance away from the burglars.

You can save your money by purchasing it because it has to charge cable also that plug into an ordinary wall outlet.

06. SABRE Tactical electroshock weapon with LED Flashlight

best Stun GunSabre Tactical is quite different from others because it is designed for serious defense.

It has 80 lumens that have the capability to blind the attacker temporarily.

It is compact and easily fits in your purse or pocket because it has a size of 7 inches and 8 ounces.

The material, from which it is made, is air-force grade aluminum, so it is durable and has a lightweight.

It has many other useful features like the built-in rechargeable battery, holster, a belt clip, long power cable, and a wrist strap, so you do not have to take extra accessories or tools with it.

Its high power will pass through thick cloth of any type to neutralize potential threats. It comes with a two-year warranty, but it has no indicator to tell you about the battery condition.

07. Vipertek VTS-195 Heavy Duty Gun

best Stun GunVipertek  VTS-195 is a heavy-duty gun with a tactical flashlight of 300-lumen power that creates a stunning display for any would-be attacker.

It delivers a strong charge that is enough to bring down the perpetrator.

It is made up of type three aircraft grade aluminum equipped with a 100,000-hour bulb and anti-roll designed.

It is very easy to operate and carry around. It gives a high and intense value of shock that can prolonged contact and causes muscle spasms that disable your attacker completely.

It comes with the belt holster that provides you ease to carry it. It has very loud sound, so even the noise will easily deter most individuals.

Its flashlight is very bright that you can easily see small areas by this. It has a compact size of 6.5 inches with a warranty of lifetime.

08. Terminator SGT800-60 MV – Mini Rechargeable electroshock weapon

best Stun GunTerminator 15 million volt stun gun is one of the best and popular defensive devices in the market.

It has small size like an iPhone but a thicker than an iPhone, but it emits a terrifying loud crack to scare off the attacker.

It’s 15 million volts is enough to bring down the men of 200 lbs.

Terminator  SGT800 has robust internal rechargeable Li-ion battery to makes it more than convenient.

It has the built-in electrical plug so that you can plug it directly into your wall socket. Its body is made up of rubber that provides a strong, solid grip and feels strong.

It’s strong LED flashlight has the capability to blind or disorient an attacker temporarily. It comes with a lifetime warranty and in two colors of pink and black.

09. VIPERTEK VTS-989 230,000,000 Heavy Duty taser Gun/Flashlight

best Stun GunMost companies in the market do not provide the complete and proper customer service, but Vipertek is not included in that companies.

Vipertek 989 is one of the best in the market.

It can pass 53,000,000 Volts, that is enough for security purpose, and if you think about its weight, so you don’t have to worry, it has great strength with lightweight and competency because its dimension is just about  6.5x2x1 inches.

It has a brilliant and unique design, and It has solid metal prongs on the front and shocking metal plates at the sides.

This side plate works when snatcher or any other attacker tries to snatch your taser gun with you, so its side plates disengage his paws.

It has other many brilliant features such as rubber coating for insulation, rechargeable batteries, Led flashlight, wrist strap, unique design, Lifetime warranty and safety switch.

10. Guard Dog Security Dual-Spark 6,000,000 Volt taser Gun 

best Stun GunIt has a 160-lumen strategic spotlight with 4.5 million volts.

It had a rechargeable battery and packed in a nylon cover case, having three light modes, same as with the other electroshock weapon, metal body and the back top is made up of plastic material.

The best thing about it, having a lifetime warranty. The price is of less cost, so you can easily buy it under your budget.

Guard Dog has four prongs at the front for two sparks spontaneously with double stopping power.

Its dual sparks can be felt, hear and seen by any unsuspecting attackers.

It has OFF and On switch button and plastic safety cap with convenient charging cable and a nylon holster.

Its lifetime warranty is best in its all features because of its effort free, hassle-free lifetime warranty gives you peace to your mind.

It is available in two different colors, black and pink, and both have different price according to their colors.

Things you must know before choosing your Stun Gun:

A stun gun is the best device for the women to protect themselves against crime. It is not specific to women or genders specific, but it is most popular in females because of increasing attacks on self-harassments and other on them.

It is not harmful because it does not give permanent damage to the attacker and does not make to kill.

The main thing that, it is also illegal in some countries or areas but legal in most part. It comes in sizes, shapes, and voltage. It arrives in the voltage range of 1 million volts to 35 million volts range.

It works by detecting the increasing rate of the pulse frequency of the men that create the work of muscles very fast but not efficient. This speedy work cycle exhaust work cycle by changing blood sugar into a lactic acid immediately, take time of just some seconds.

After your attack by the conducted electrical weapon, the men lose its heavy energy and stuck his body function and make him difficult to move. It also causes loss of balance, leaves the attacker in a confused and disorientation condition for several minutes.

Though it does not give several hours to us to take some other strong action against the perpetrator, it gives enough time to us to get away from there and take help from other people that are out there. At the same time, it also interrupts the small neurological impulses that are responsible for muscle movement of the whole body.

Working of Stun Gun:

Let’s not dig ourselves into the complexities of the electrical world. Keeping it simple, a stun gun is a device that stuns the human body for a specific time let’s say for twenty minutes.

How does it stupefy the body? Obviously due to electrical shocks. Most commonly, the range of voltages varies from 2.5 million volts to 4.5 million volts. Seems way too much high for a normal body but don’t worry, you aren’t going to kill anyone.

Actually, it operates at very low current so there’s no need to get panic over it. Furthermore, the variability of voltages is something we control.

For example,

What potential of shock do we intend to use?

What is the expected length?

So these are some thing that categorizes the criteria of selection.

Why Need Stun Gun?

Now that’s something that needs explanation. Although it isn’t that much dangerous why should one own it?

Not everyone loves to keep himself equipped with a weapon all the time. The problem is that we live in a world of sudden calamities. Call it robbery or a theft, homicide is something we can’t predict.

So yes, again I am referring to personal security. Secondly, female harassment is another addition to this topic. The cases of rape and other types of harassment are part of newspapers’ headlines every day. So it is pretty much clear why personal security is a matter of extreme importance.

Is Stun Gun Legal?

As I have already explained, this gun isn’t fatal. You aren’t going to kill anyone with it, so there are no issues with it. At very low amperes of current, it will produce a shock that would disable the muscles to function.

It is legal in most states and isn’t considered a firearm. An earlier version of electroshock weapons had some issues and that’s why there were banned. But that’s not the case with a stun gun. Enforcement agencies and governments of states allow its use for personal security.

However, there are few states such as IL, WI, MI, NY, and HI where there are some restrictions to use it. But overall, there’s majority of states who support it.

How to Use Stun Gun?

It is recommended to practice using a stun gun because it can cause damage to you if not handled with care. Not that it is hard to use, just make sure you are equipped with precautionary measures.

Looking at the gun, you have two things to keep on the eye. The on/off switch and LED light. When you turn on, you will see electrical shocks at the tip.

Try practicing using a soft target with sudden attempts. This way you can attack without any delay. Just make sure you know where’s the start button of your device so that you don’t have to find it on a bad day. LED lights are helpful after the first shock incases of darkness.


So these are some of the best stun guns we have come so far. Some of them are expensive but they have quality parameters against the cost.

The sole reason to buy it is to get ready for any sudden robbery or theft. Safety is for living person. A dead person has nothing to do with safety, so why not get ourselves prepared for the worst. Even if you live in most peaceful areas, at least keep it at home as protection measures.

So have you decided to buy one? Which one is a stun gun of your choice? Do tell us in comments.

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Written by Addison Aiken

Addison Aiken is a reporter at GadgetSkull focused on diversity, inclusion and social justice. He previously spent two years at Business Insider covering tech startups focused on the shared economy, IoT and music industry. He is graduated from the University of Southern California in 2011 with a degree in Broadcast and Digital Journalism.


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