Best Windshield Wipers (Oct. 2017) – Buyer’s Guide

best windshield wipersEverything needs repairing so does your car. A newer model of car has many components with short lives.

For example, tyers of the car will wear out after one and half years and that means no option but to replace them.

Similarly, shock absorbers work on the same pattern.

After a certain period of time, they won’t function properly.

But to my surprise, not many of us pay attention to an essential component—a windshield wiper. Just like any other part, they have a fixed length of time too.

In areas where it is common to have rain and drizzle very frequently, they play an important role in safe driving.

Need To Change Wiper:

A worn out wiper not only does its job poorly but also produce streaks on the windshield.

Now a glass isn’t something we usually look for a replacement.

Consider a scenario where you have to move out in emergency and you find that your wiper can’t wipe effectively. But it’s no use crying over spilled milk. That’s why we better have a look at the health of wiper more often.

So you see our major concern is safety here. We can’t precisely predict the condition of weather and that is a problem.

So we must prepare ourselves for any upcoming risk.

How We Test/Choose Wipers?

Now you have decided to look for an alternative but again there’s a problem.

There are multiple questions, the answers to whom involve some massive researching.

For instance, you may think

  • what exactly is a good wiper?
  • What is a difference of functionality of difference wipers available in the markets?
  • Which wipers provide extraordinary performance in extreme conditions?

And the list goes on. 😉

Looking for the answers? You are in the right spot.

Here on Gadget Skull, we go through testing multiple products, different brands, and twenties of enhancements before finalizing the result.

Below there, we have compiled the list of best windshield wipers available at the moment.

Our team included some 8 members and we tested some 35 wipers to come up with the best. We tested various parameters such as

  1. Performance
  2. Life expectancy
  3. Quality
  4. The smoothness of wipe

before getting to the final list. 😉

Furthermore, this list counters one big problem here, the headache to find out the best product based on your criteria of selection.

You see the market is saturated with hundreds of wipers and we don’t know what’s the right option to choose. This catalog provides you with some of the best and tested wipers that perform well beyond their life.

These are the best windshield wipers in the market right now picked by our reviewers

NameMaterialMultiple sizes 
Bosch ICONFX Dual RubberYes Check Price
Rain-X RX30222Natural RubberYes Check Price
AERO PremiumBlended RubberYes Check Price
Rain-XSynthetic Blend RubberYes Check Price
ANCODuraKlear RubberYes Check Price
MichelinSynthetic RubberYes Check Price
TRICO Exact Highglide treated rubberYes Check Price
Bosch 26-CATec3 RubberYes Check Price
Valeo Tec3 Advanced RubberYes Check Price
Bosch EvolutionBlended Natural RubberYes Check Price
Important Note: Driving your vehicle without windshield wipers is extremely dangerous especially in raining and snowing that’s why in many states it is prohibited to drive a car without wipers.

Most of the users usually don’t pay attention to an essential component of car’s outer body- windshield wiper.

But yes, when we have to face rain or snow or some other consequences of the same type, we surely need them to keep our journey safe and comfortable.

But the thing is that they have a finite period of life and can show wear and tear effects just after five to six months.

A worn wiper is not only the cause of some serious accidents but it can also produce scratches on the windshield.

So it’s really important to replace them with a new one to ensure the safety of our vehicle. There are plenty of wipes available in the market ranging from different sizes and different performance.

However, it’s quite certain that they are not going to provide you the protection for a very long period of time. There would be screeching and scratching and many other problems ultimately causing an accident.

In any case, you have to make a replacement with another one.

These wipers are available in every size imaginable and they are for every type of vehicle not only for cars but also for trucks, SUV, Mini Vans etc

Price for wiper varies depending upon its size and strength.

You will even find wiper as low as $5 and as expensive as $30.Not all wipers perform well in all cases. Nowadays, conventional wiper blades have another good alternative and these are known as Beam Blades.

They provide smooth movement over windshield thus reducing the chances of scratches on glass. They are expensive as compared to conventional one but the fact is they deliver a great result.

Plenty of manufacturers produce windshield wipers but famous brands in this field are Bosch, Rain-X, and ANCO.

They produce quality windshield wiper that is durable and don’t get torn over a good length of time.

Below I am going to compare ten different and best windshield wipers based on criteria of strength, money, and durability. The main focus is to let you decide which one suits best to your car by comparing their pros and cons.

So let’s get it started.

1. Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade– Most Reliable Wiper in the Market

best windshield wipersOne of the best and reliable wipers available out there is Bosch ICON.

Bosch claims to have 40 percent more life as compared to other wipers and it really seems to when it comes to performance.

The number of sizes it is available in is another plus point.

Our main concern is to save the glass with marks and ICON has a great solution to this problem too. Using dual rubber technology, it gently moves over the glass to wipe out water. In the case of removing dirt and dust, the rubbers are designed in such a way that they don’t get heated thus safeguarding the front once again. This rubber is also effective against ozone deterioration.

You can grab wiper of almost any size because ICON offers wiper in twelve, yes twelve sizes. It ranges from 13 inches to huge 28 inches. So you won’t have to deal with any problem with respect to size.

The beam that supports the rubber is designed in a way that it doesn’t produce hurdles invisibility even in the harsh weather conditions. The windshield on the car are curved so is our wiper. Thanks to tension spring arcing technology, we have a custom-contoured fit to the curvature of the glass. The beam is dependable even in the severe conditions where wiper has to move with great speed due to a flexible design that holds the blade firmly to the windshield at higher speeds.

Just as I mentioned above, not all wipers work well on all windshields. Although the blade is quite universal there are still some exceptions where it would not perform as good as it performs on other cars. And that’s the only drawback you are going to find for this wiper. Otherwise, it’s a great product and over delivers its duty.

Careful use can even increase its life up to one and half year. It is available on Amazon and I think this price is reasonable when we talk about the superior performance and that’s what makes us clear that we have no better choice than this.

2. Rain-X RX30222 – Weatherbeater Wiper Blade

best windshield wipersIf someone is going to challenge the superiority of Bosch ICON, that’s Rain-X.
The model number is RX30222 but Rain-X has entitled it as “Weatherbeater”.

Well that sounds interesting, right?

And guess what, it has an even long variety of sizes as compared to ICON.

Rain-X offers more than 15 sizes, covering almost all type of sizes.

Heavy rain can cause the wiper to corrode but that’s not the case with this one. The structure is made of galvanized steel that counters the corrosion and rusting. It is basically a conventional wiper and its material is trustworthy and is made of rubber that has characteristics to resist cracking, splitting and tearing occurs as the result of weather conditions and higher speeds. The design ensures that the blade moves seamless thanks to friction reducers and multiple pressure points. This also makes the blade streak free.

But there’s one weak point and that’s the clicking sound it produces in heavy rain. At higher speed, it begins to produce that specific sound. However, it doesn’t harm the windshield by any means. But the blade is vulnerable to breakage with this. Another thing I notice is that the rubber material is quite thin as compared to other wipers available. It can really be a problem for areas with dirt and dust. Basically, this blade works better for on-road cars. With off-road cars, it may not perform that well.

Surprisingly it is available at very cheap rates and that’s what makes it unique. Out of all the wipers, I am reviewing here, it sounds the best choice. It gives a solid performance and it won’t be wrong to say it over delivers. The versatility of size is a plus point of ICON. It may even solve the problem for those to whom ICON doesn’t fit best.

3. AERO Premium All-Season Frameless Windshield Wiper Blades

best windshield wipersMost of the wiper we usually have information range from 13 inches to 28 inches.

But there are those who still don’t find their required size in that range too.

Well, if you are one of them, this product has made it easy for you. Aero OEM Quality Premium has a broad range of 8 to 28 inches.

The OEM in the name might be another interesting factor for most of you. OEM is a term used for a company which produces goods for another company and that company uses its name. The major benefit you are going to have is that if your blades are damaged or distorted, they can get direct OEM replacement. You don’t have to worry about the quality and fitness of wiper. It’s not a conventional type of wiper either. The wipe is smooth and provides

The major benefit you are going to have is that if your blades are damaged or distorted, they can get direct OEM replacement. You don’t have to worry about the quality and fitness of wiper. It’s not a conventional type of wiper either. The wipe is smooth and provides chatter-free movement over the course of the windshield. You would love the design of the blade. Aero calls it an aerodynamic design that easily counters the drag, noise and wind lift.

Aero Premium comes with six months of warranty and that quite a long time if you have experience of how fast they deteriorate. The rubber material is further coated with Teflon to make it even more lasting. I would like to share some of the amazing facts and figures about this wiper here. It can bear harsh weather condition with sturdy from 158F to -40F. Furthermore, this little wiper can give you one million wipers. You heard it right, its one million backed by six-month warranty.

However, there’s one major drawback I would definitely put into discussion. These wipers aren’t effective in cold weather. In wet and warm weather, they do a classy job but when it comes to snow, they simply don’t give better performance. They just don’t cleanly squeegee the water off the window.

You can grab it from Amazon. If you are not living in a cold area, you really won’t have to worry about it. Just go ahead and buy it, it performs adequately in these conditions.

4. Rain-X 5079281-2 Latitude Wiper Blade

best windshield wipersAnother great product from Rain-X and it’s called Latitude Wiper Blade.

Available in eleven sizes ranging from 14 inches to 28 inches, Rain-X claims that this wiper fits into 96 percent of all vehicles.

That’s astounding because even the Bosch ICON wasn’t able to fill up that criterion.

The blade is coated with a material having water repellent characteristics to further enhance the wiping process and this material isn’t going to fail soon.This is the major difference between Latitude and Weatherbeater.

Weatherbeater doesn’t have this type of coating.Another great feature is the design of blade that is contour to the windshield to undergo smooth movement over it, thus having a streak-free wipe. They named this design as advanced beam-style blade technology.

Furthermore, we have aerodynamic spoiler which prevents wind lift and is effective in reducing undesirable noise. The synthetic rubber is strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Read the instruction before the installation too. You have to wipe manually after installation on the dry windshield for two to three minutes.

What I found offending is the use of Rain-X liquid. It is supposed to help to wipe the water cleanly, instead, it makes even harder to look out of glass. I really don’t think this liquid is helping in this case. It is making it even worse to see in rainy weather. And the claim that it fits ninety-six percent of vehicles doesn’t seem to be true.

Just like other blades, it can go for six months without having a visible difference in performance. It can be bought from Amazon. A little more expensive yet worth buying the deal. The good news is that there’s a combined package of Weatherbeater and Latitude, making it a good choice to consider.

5. ANCO 31-Series Windshield Wiper Blade

best windshield wipersACNO 31 Wiper blade is one of the latest iteration from ACNO and it is a smart budget deal.

The blade is an affordable yet quality replacement of your traditional wiper.

The range of availability is 10 inches to 28 inches. Unlink much of its competitor, ACNO doesn’t use synthetic rubber as a material.

Instead, they have their own material named as DuraKlear that provides the streak-free wipe.

The installation process is easy and quick and wiper gives a solid performance in almost all seasons. You will hear a click if the wiper is correctly installed. This process is named as KwikConnect and is included in all wipers by ACNO.

The material of blade is also resistant to corrosion and freezing. It is designed in OE style to provide optimal vision during higher speed of wiper.

ACNO 31 wiper has clear six-month life and it is stated on the box. They may not work better than any other wiper in the market but you really can’t say they fail. The blade isn’t efficient in hot areas like Florida where it would cause disturbing noise while wiping. The use of Mexican technologies such as KwikConnect and DuraKlear enhance the performance of the wiper. The price is one of the reasons for my appreciation here too.

It is available on Amazon, you may not find any other bladeless expensive than this one. If you are looking for some low cost and economical wiper without losing marks on quality, you have my recommendation. There’s no better choice than this one.

6. Michelin Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade

best windshield wipersAnd then we have Michelin’s Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade (that’s a big name).

I included it because of the quality test performed by Michelin.

According to the test, this wiper is efficient enough to make more than three hundred thousand (yes 300,000) wipe cycles.

That big number clearly indicated the life of blade with an estimate of more than a year.

The hinge, which they named as a smart hinge, grips the whole windshield securely. The hinge’s cover helps the blade getting rid of snow and debris.

Not all windshields have the same shape and dimension and it is one of the reasons everyone isn’t satisfied by the same wiper. But Michelin has its own solution to this problem.

The ends of the blades have an independent suspension that helps it to get fit to the windshield. This secures the grip of the blade to the glass.

Available in ten different sizes, it weighs only 9.6 ounces. The installation is easy thanks to Ez-lock connector system.

The blade gives satisfactory performance in rain and light snow. But in extremely cold weather, it freezes for some time, making it harder to wipe. This is one the major flaws in my opinion. The installation guide isn’t very effective as well. Instead, you may even get confused by it. Otherwise, it is reliable and works well in all other conditions.

It is not the low-cost blade of all but surely it gives good hand in countering most of the weather conditions.

7. TRICO Exact Fit Best Windshield Wipers

best windshield wipersWe haven’t talked about the wiper which is made specifically for rear windshield yet.

Well there we found one and it’s none other than TRICO Exact Fit- Rear Integral Wiper Blade.

It is available in many sizes ranging from 8 inches to 28 inches to fit the rear windshield effectively.

The wiper is pre-assembled to match the arm type of vehicle specifically. It can be installed within seconds. According to TRICO, “These refills are manufactured to fit the original equipment wiper assembly. If this assembly has been replaced with anything other than an OE product the refill may not fit properly”.

The rubber quality is fine and the blade is made up of high strength steel to resist the load during higher speeds. This blade is available in four types including conventional, beam, hybrid and rear blades. As far as I know, it’s first of its kind to offer that much of type variety. There are plenty of cars where it won’t have an exact fit but it would still work there.

The blade is lightweight, weighing only 4 ounces. This blade is a perfect deal for Subaru owners because the replacement for Subaru’s product can be expensive as compared to this one.

This blade copies the exact specification of Subaru and rate is quite affordable. The blades come with instruction menu so you won’t find it hard to install in the first place.

TRICO Exact Fit is not the best wiper around but the fact is that it is made specifically for the rear windshield and we normally don’t use the rear glass to wipe.

8. Bosch 26-CA Affordable Windshield Wiper

best windshield wipersAnother iteration from Bosch and this time it’s “Clear Advantage Beam Wiper Blade”.

It is available in twelve sizes ranging from 13 inches to 28 inches.

The rubber used this time isn’t synthetic, instead, it’s natural rubber. The blade isn’t conventional type rather it’s a beam type.

What special about this blade is the introduction of new technology named by Bosch as Clear Advantage Technology to boost its performance. The blade is coated with graphite and come with pre-mounted multi-adapter. This technology gives you consistent uniform wiping, noise and friction reduction and improved airflow aerodynamics.

In addition to that, it is easy to install thanks to Click on TM adapter system.

It must be mentioned that natural rubber although expensive, results in less friction and noise. The combo with graphite blade gives you the consistent wipe over the windshield. The wind spoilers are symmetrical in design to prevent the lift-off at higher speeds, giving you streak-free wipe.

This blade is less expensive of all the blades Bosch produces and with that comes little bit error. This model doesn’t feature the plastic hood that secures the metal hook in the place. You won’t see any other blade lacking this hood, in fact, hood has a major role in handling the extreme north weather. Without this hood, you might face low performance during long-term hailing and drizzle.

The blade is half the price of ICON but that doesn’t necessarily reduce the quality. There are few areas where it doesn’t perform very well but overall it’s a nice blade, covering most of your needs.

9. Valeo Frameless ULTIMATE Windshield Wipers

best windshield wipersYou might be thinking that there are no good wipers other than Bosch and Rain-X, don’t you?

Well, the answer is no.

Newer brands such as TRICO and Michelin also give the superior performance which is no way less than the giants, so is the Valeo.

Valeo is a new name in the market but is as solid as other wipers.

Valeo gives you a choice of fourteen sizes and the most unusual one is the 29 inches. It’s one of the rarest sizes and very few manufacturers make wiper of this size.

We have integrated spoiler which gives smooth aerodynamics performance of windshield. Unlike previous blades, the ultimate all-season blade doesn’t let ice and snow to collect over it.

According to Valeo,

“This blade offers you the quietest performance with no vibration or chatter because of the patented 1,500 pressure points on the blade when moving across the windshield versus a conventional blade with only 4 to 8 pressure points”,

The rubber is encased with Tec3 advanced technological material to provide screech free wipe, increasing its life.Moreover, you don’t need an adapter to fix the blade, making the installation process easier.

With all these features, Valeo provides you even more. You got a twelve-month warranty. However, there’s one area where I captured a major flaw and it’s there’s compatibility list. It doesn’t seem to provide correct information because most of the sizes, according to it should fit, do not fit. So make sure to get a bigger size instead.

So not a bad blade, after all, the OE replacement is another plus point. So I definitely recommend you to buy these blades if you are looking for a smart replacement.

10. Bosch Evolution Best Windshield Wiper

best windshield wipersAnd this is the last iteration of Bosch we are going to discuss here.

And it is another affordable product from Bosch. Ranging from 13 inches to 28 inches, Evolution provides you with limited yet enough number of sizes.

The design of the blade is made symmetrical to the windshield to increase their contact with each other. This design helps you in having streak-free wipe even in the worst weather conditions. This design is also effective against the ice and snow collection over the windshield to give you better visibility. Blades are equipped with springs to make sure that they apply uniform pressure across the length and give crystal clear visibility.

Another major improvement Evolution has is Bracketless Blades. It’s a type of beam blade which are made without metal or plastic joints, providing no room for snow to build up. The natural rubber used guarantees you an increase of 40% to the life. Based on reviews, it seems that blade can have a life between six to twenty months.

The longer life relates to the frequency of wiper being used. Careful use can easily give performance over two years.However, I must agree that in terms of performance, they really don’t match that of ICON and other Bosch wipers. The problem is not about the design but the material of which it is made of.

If, described above are the properties of which blade you are looking for, then go right away and grab the Evolution.

So this is the list of our ten best windshield wipers that give good result and optimum visibility in all weather conditions. Although each of them has its own pros and cons, that’s basically how the thing works. I have also explained the way to adjust the blade to the windshield. Make sure you don’t skip that part. Most of them are easy to install and can be installed within four to five minutes. Furthermore, I have compared all of them on the basis of sizes, performance in different weather conditions, budget and strength.

How to Change Wiper?

Now that we you have chosen the wiper of your choice, what are the necessary measures before buying it? Well, that’s a very basic question and the, fortunately, the solution is very simple.

First of all, you must know the size of your car’s stock wiper. This way you can get straight to the solution. Not all companies provide wipers in all sizes, so be sure make a check on it. Using a wrong sized wiper will make a poor wipe and damage to the windshield.

I found many people complaining about the wiper that it doesn’t work on their car. But to my surprise, it wasn’t manufacturer’s fault. They chose the wrong product and blamed the company for no reason.

Secondly, you need to get rid of old wiper first. To get this step done, slightly move up the wiper blade from the screen. Now press the tab present on the lower side of the blade. Simply, slide the blade across the arm and you are done.

Okay, now we are ready to insert our new wiper into the system. Insertion is just an opposite to removal process. Just slide the blade across the arm and you will hear clicking sound confirm that the blade has adjusted right into the hole. Now press the blade slightly on the screen and repeat the process for second as it is.

Not a part of the installation procedure, I recommend you to make manual wipe across the screen to test the blade. Also, repeat the process using automatic wiping.

Types of Windshield Wiper:

Wipers can be divided into many categories based on following factors.

  • Material Type
  • Wiper’s Design

The material of Wiper:

Rubber Wiper: Material of wiper is a matter of discussion here. Traditionally, rubber blades have been our stock wipers for a long time. Unfortunately, rubber would become dry and hard in winter and produce streaks on the glass. That’s why most of the companies have upgraded from rubber to other materials.

Silicon Wiper: Silicon wipers are the most common replacement of rubber wipers. They provide better performance in almost all weathers. Silicon wipers leave some traces of oil on the windscreen that help to make wipe smooth. They don’t have any issues with the material and are inexpensive too.

Coated Wiper: Coated wiper is the latest addition to the series and they are part of flagship wipers only. In these wipers, rubber is coated with an additional material that has extended life. It doesn’t show wear and tear for good length of time.

Design of Wiper:

Framed Blades: Framed blades use traditional steel structure to wipe across the length of the creen while maintaining the pressure. The problem with them is that the pressure isn’t uniform along the length which produces streaks at certain points.

Bracketless Blades: They are the simple replacement of framed blades and they utilize an improved beam shape that provides uniform pressure to the whole blade. They are pretty much useful in cold areas because they don’t allow snow to get over them.

When to Replace Wiper:

Now that’s not something we do not observe commonly. The material of wiper is an important factor here. For example, a rubber wiper would worn out more quicker than silicon one. A dull wiper will show following symptoms:

  • Producing streaks on glass
  • Rough wiping
  • Leaving few areas unwiped.

If your wiper is victim of any of these components, you better start looking for alternative. Most commonly, a wiper will live for maximum of two years. In this case, you have to replace it without any delay.

Some other factors include the nature of the climate of your region and protection. If you live in cold area where snow falling is very common, you either have to replace the wiper very soon or you have to buy one with better strength and life.

What are the best windshield wipers?

Considering the different categories of wipers, it’s not very hard to choose the best one. Rubber wipers are economic for sure but we can’t guarantee their performance over time.

They will wear out and produce marks on the screen. Moving on, silicon wipers are definitely the best solution to shortcomings of rubber blades. They work very well for limited time.

Finally, the coated wipers solve both quality and time issue here. They have better performance and greater time yielding.

When we talk about the best structure for blades, I recommend you to go with bracketless blades. They are little bit expensive but they provide quality wipe. Being cheap means you have to compromise over some key factors.

Wrapping it up:

So that concludes our guide to best windshield wiper.

I tried my best to answer as many questions possible to route a comprehensive solution at the end. 😉

Bosch ICON is the best wiper in the current scenario. It doesn’t come under budgeted range when we compare it to other wipers but on quality scale, we have to give it score of 10/10.

Rain-X comes second in this race. It uses synthetic rubber which reduces the cost without making any major impact over performance.

Other major names include ACNO, Valeo and Trico. Best thing about ACNO is that it works better in cold and harsh environment. There were as many as ten more outstanding wipers but above mentioned ones won the race.

So when are you going to replace your wiper? And what would be your choice?

Drop it in the comments section below. 😉

What do you think?

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