Braun Series 7 790cc Unboxing and Review

Braun Series 7 790ccGetting late for the office and having a grown shave, both are the nightmares for a job doing men.

I often pass through such situation and I know how tense I get when I have little to no time left for a shave.

My bad, I am a bad sleeper and shaver as well.

Shaving is something that takes at least twenty minutes of my day and the fact is I am very conscious about it.

I have been using traditional shavers for about three-five years mainly because electrical alternatives really sucked at that time.

They had a hefty price tag and performance wasn’t up to mark at all. Other than that, charging was another issue that used to make me go mad on most of my mornings.

However, most recently, things have taken a new fold and electrical appliances have improved by a scale.

Take the example of Tesla here who has put all of its effort in the production of electric cars to replace them with today’s cars. It would sure take some time but they have solid plans to overcome all resistances that have kept the electrical model away from the road.

It looks very odd to compare a car with shaver but I am trying to explain that the next decade is a mixture of electrical and wireless appliances.

Braun Series 7 790cc Unboxing and Review:

Many brands boast about best electric shaver but there are some that come up with something really fantastic. Among them, Braun, the German electronics company, managed to bring electrical performance and design to the consumer level.

I am talking about Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic Electrical Shaver System. It also resided in the expensive category at the time of launch but since then Braun has offered multiple discounts and cut its price to half. Among that electrical shavers, Braun Series 7-790cc has been termed as best shaver for men.

Why it’s the best one in the market? Keep following me and you would know why.


Name Braun Series 7-790cc
Brand Braun
Colors Silver
Shaving Elements 4
Smart Sonic Technology Yes
Contour Adaptation 8D
Clean and Charge Station Yes
Wet and Dry Shaving No
Display LCD
Premium Finishing Grey


Ordered this shaver two months ago from Braun’s franchise and got it within two days. You got a really nice packing that needs a pair of scissors to open.

And then we have five major components.

There’s one shaver accompanied by one cleaning unit and one cleaning cartridge that completes your shaving system.

Other than that, one travel case and one electrical cord are also there. Nice ingredients for a smooth shave!

Interestingly, when you open the box, you won’t find shaver at first sight. It is covered in a travel case for safety reasons. It has stiff structure and opens and closes with a zipper. For cleaning the shaver, we have brushes that need your thumb-finger grip to clean the system. And finally, we have a power adapter to charge the shaver. It doesn’t have long wire so you need to keep the shaver near to power source.

We also have cleaning dock which wasn’t the part of its predecessors. It cleans and lubricates the shaver for next shave. You have to place the shaver in inverted position and dock will take care of the rest. Your shaver will be cleaned using Alcohol solution that also disinfects the head. The same power adapter charges both shaver and cleaning dock, one at the time.

There’s also a user manual which guides about perfect shave.

Braun has recommended shaving following its three steps:

  1. Make your shave before you wash your face
  2. The orientation of shaver is something that can either makeup or destroy your shave. Make sure you keep the device perpendicular to shaving area.
  3. Move the shaver in a direction opposite to the direction of beard growth. Also, keep the skin tightened and stretch on the area you wish to save to uniform shaving.


Silver body with premium design, that’s what the very first look says about this device. On the very top, we have a shaver that resides just over the base. Braun claims that this shaver can go beyond 10,000 vibrations when needed.

A huge number but we will test it before accepting it.

Moving on we have texturized body having a length approximately equal to man’s hand.

On the center, we have a circular button that also acts as a control system. It is a power button and is used to turn on and off the shaver.

It is two small vertical buttons on both sides too.

You can increase or decrease the shaver speed by pressing + and – buttons respectively.

Left and right side of the body is covered with black rubber that extends to the whole gripping section. It provides a firm grip while shaving. Other than that, the rubber also provides effective grip while shaving with soap or gel.

The bottom is something we haven’t seen in any electric shaver recently. We have two LEDs which act as a battery indicator and cleaning indicator respectively. Well, it is little odd to have LEDs at the bottom but let’s just take is a design problem. If your battery is low, the LED will inform you about it by decreasing the level. Similar functionality also exists for cleaning indicator that would indicate that it needs to go to the cleaning station. There is basically six level of battery and cleaning indicators.

Back is covered by rubber as well and we have just power socket to charge it. So that is basically the design of this shaver.


Battery LifeQuick ChargingIntelligent Sonic TechnologyOptifoilsCleaning System
My first reservation about the electrical shavers was the performance and battery life. And now I think I am pretty much satisfied with both factors. Battery life is amazing and it gives you some 45 minutes of shaving without any interruption. It takes a total of one hour to charge the shaver completely. One charge can save my one and half week for sure.
There’s also quick charging option which doesn’t last for a long time but still a way to get your shave done in three minutes. In case you are out of battery and have no time to charge it, you can quick charge it for five minutes to get three minutes of a shave
Next thing we have something Braun named as “Intelligent Sonic Technology”. It automatically adjusts the speed and power of shaver when we have to pass on the dense hair section. I also fall into this category and while shaving, the shaver goes through some 10,000 micro vibrations for effective shaving.
Shaver employs two Optifoils that cut even the smallest hair on your chin. Braun says that they have tested it even on hair size of 0.05 short and it worked fairly well.
And last but not the least, the cleaning system is very impressive. Cleaning dock using alcohol as a primary solution to clean and disinfect the shaver.

So these are basically the features that make this shaver so unique.

However, there are some precautions and performance issues too that don’t make a major impact but as a buyer, I think you should know. Braun hasn’t rated it for either dry or wet shaving so you have to make wet shave at your own risk.

I also notice one issue with cleaning dock. It’s good to have alcohol for disinfection but using it for a long time can make the paint of shaver peel off. This isn’t a good thing in my opinion when seen from customer’s point of view.

And finally, I have recommendation related to shaving foam. Do not make shave with shaving foam on because it would rather spread the foam on your face instead of removing due to the higher speed of shaver.


But still, I think pros overcome cons very easily. There are no major issues. And the best thing is that it now falls in budget shaver’s category. Looking for quick and clean shave without getting late for office, this one is for your man.

Braun Series 7 790cc

Braun Series 7 790cc



Battery Life






shaving modes



  • 1,000 micro-vibrations per minute
  • Lifts and cuts flat-lying hairs
  • Cuts hair as short as 0.05mm
  • Features 5 different shaving modes


  • There's an issue with cleaning dock

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