The Furbo Dog Camera Review | Is It Worth It?

We humans usually prefer having a partner that understand our feelings and respond to it just like we want. This is the very reason why most of us adopt pets.

Whether it is a dog or a cat, the way pets express their feelings completely refreshes a tired man.

The dog is considered as one of the most faithful animals and there’s no denying.

I have been with my Tyson for last five years and we have shared many things. 😉

Playing hide and seek, catching the rubber ball, licking and many more things I just can’t summarize.

Adopted as a small puppy, Tyson is a cheerful guy who waits for me when I am in the office.

Similarly, I also keep thinking what little boy might be doing right now. It could be very problematic sometimes especially when I have to leave home for vacations. Well, I don’t want to leave him alone neither I can quit my work. 🙁

A friend of mine recommended me Furbo Dog Camera. At first, I was like, “That is exactly what I was searching for 🙂 “.

The Furbo Dog Camera Review:

Furbo Dog Camera is actually a camera device which aims specifically at dog owners. With its camera on the top, you can keep an eye on your dog.

Furthermore, you can feed him with his favorite snacks and talk to him thanks to two-way voice assistance. Even if your dog barks to grab your attention, the camera would send you notification that the boy is anxiously waiting for you.

The company behind the manufacturing of this camera is Furbo who started it as a project. Being a unique and highly demanded concept, Furbo managed to grab almost 900% more funds than the target.

It raised more than $510,791 USD which shows how much-needed device it was.

It isn’t a simple camera device to monitor your pet activities, it is specifically designed for dogs. This device comes packed with a handful of attractive features but lets go through specs sheet first to understand things better.


Name Furbo Dog Camera
Brand Furbo
Color White
Camera HD Wifi Cam
Weight 1.8 pounds
Dimensions 5.9 x 4.7 x 8.9 inches
Platform Android and iOS


As I have said above, this device isn’t simply a camera. 😉

Furbo has tried to keep the design minimal and we have just one angular cylinder with the white colored body.

Unlike most of the security cameras, you won’t be hanging it on the wall to get the view of the room. Instead, you have to place it on the table or at a little bit higher position than the floor to track and communicate with your dog.

Obviously, you don’t want your pet to knock it down, right?

The packing is quite simple and we don’t have to my accessories in the box. The box comes packed with Furbo camera, a USB cable that extends up to seven meters, a power adapter to charge the device and small manual to make sure you set all things correctly.

It has a good height and looks very well with a shiny surface.

The basic reason why it looks very tall is that you are going to store treat for your pet in it. That’s a surprise yet an amazing move in my opinion.

On the top, we have a wooden lid to close the chamber which looks good at viewing but equally odd on a design basis. I really don’t prefer using wood as part of this design but let’s just keep it aside for a second

Just after the lid, we have a camera on top most position which is a smart move.

Why it’s a good idea to place the camera on the top?

Well, there is solely one reason. The camera is tilted to the downward side to keep a look on the dog and it won’t be covering the whole front if it is placed at center or at the bottom. It’s a 720-pixel camera and performs very well.

At the center-bottom length, we have treats tossed to throw snacks to a young boy. It’s like playing with the dog because Furbo tosses the food at a projectile angle so that the dog can eat and play at the same time.

At the end, we have Furbo logo and nothing special at all. Just behind the logo, we have LED lights to make a check on the dog at night.

And finally, we have two-way audio speakers which transmit your voice to and fro. A dog can hear you and you can hear him.

Isn’t the interesting? Well, as far as features are concerned, we really have to appreciate the idea behind this amazing device.

So that is basically the design of this device. I think everything has been fitted at right position whether it is a camera or audio speaker.


I am already a fan of this device and there are still many features which make it as an ultimate solution to track your pet activities.

720p cameraAudio SpeakersTreat TosserSmartphone Apps
The 720p camera is just more than enough and it looks pretty much clear in most of our smartphones. At this high definition picture, you can clearly watch all details of your pet as well as the room. Video quality is also exceptionally well especially when we compare it to our commonly used cameras. Even at night, it works fine thanks to LEDs. At night, night vision also activates which keeps clarity of picture even in the dark. Moreover, you can zoom camera up to 4 times to get closer to the stuff which keeps the pixel density pretty much accurate. The camera comes with wide angle lens to cover almost everything in the front plane. It might be odd to say but I think the camera should have a little bit degree of freedom to see around the room too.
Then we have two-way audio speakers so both of us can talk to each. I can hear him calling me and I can respond to him very nicely. However, the sound quality is a matter of discussion. At some points, when Tyson barks loudly, I can sense some backlash. It might be due to limited audio capability but the problem is still a problem. You can also call your pet to throw a treat at him.
The treat tosser is a handsome idea and it is one way of playing with your pet virtually while feeding it at the same time. You can throw it at varying heights so the dog can run after the snacks. It’s really a fun way to play with your dog so he doesn’t get bored. You can use your own treats but you are limited to 1 cm size because larger pieces can’t be thrown out of the small hole.
We have smartphone apps for Android and iOS to monitor activities using the phone. You have to connect to the camera using Bluetooth to pair with it. There’s no hassle in connection and you can easily connect with any complicated settings. Now when your dog barks, the camera will take a picture and send you a notification. You can later save and share this pic to social networks too. Furbo named this feature as bark alerts. You can also change settings if your dog has a habit of barking without any reason.

With all these features, Furbo is a unique dog tracking camera.

While tracking has broader meanings but lets just keep it monitoring for here.

I have some problems with sound quality and I think it could be made better. App handling doesn’t give a pleasant experience and user interface doesn’t come with an impressive design. The Furbo camera needs high connection intensity and you have to place it near to your Wi-Fi router. That might be a serious issue especially when you don’t have a place to keep it in your Wi-Fi stand.

I recommend placing the device at least one meter above the ground to keep it away from dog’s access.

Moreover, the angled camera works best when you place it at a higher position. Well, you aren’t going to hang it on the wall instead you have to place it on the table in vertical position.


Still, pros overcome cons at a good level. Not the best product in the market but still holds a good place in dog camera.

There are some problems for sure but with all these great features especially the camera quality, I definitely recommend you this for your pet.

The Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera












  • Solid construction
  • Reliable treat dispensing
  • Great video quality
  • Attractive design


  • Non-adjustable camera
  • Low-quality speaker

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