Halo Rover Review – The Ultimate off-road hoverboard

Halo Rover Review15 years back, the concept of levitating board was nothing more than a fictitious story.

Originally introduced by M. K. Joseph in his book, hoverboard was actually a skateboard without wheels that can float over the ground.

It seems too much cartoonish and till now there’s no such thing at the consumer level.

Yes, designers are testing and producing their models but at a limited level and they do not have stability.

For your interest, a hoverboard by Franky Zapata managed to cover 2.2 kilometers at height of 5 meters on average.

It is also recognized by Guinness Book of World Record.

But still, it’s in the early stages and we simply can’t expect it to take on the market anytime soon.

However, a similar thing exists and that is “self-balancing scooter”. It’s not the very same thing in terms of design neither it levitates. But still, it is sometimes branded as a hoverboard.

So let’s take this term for the rest of post.

These boards move on the ground with the help of two wheels. Self-balancing scooter has influenced and changed the luxury way of recreation. There aren’t many big names producing it but since it is an expensive device, one should choose the board very carefully.

Halo Rover Review – The Ultimate off-road hoverboard:

Haloboard, an American technological company, started its operation in 2005 with a major focus on hoverboards. It took them some ten years but now they have international recognition and they have come up with some solid hoverboards.

Halo Rover is one of them. For some of you, it might be still harder to believe that this product actually exists and not only exists, it is certified by American UL certification. Other than that, LG partnered with Haloboards to produce super batteries for super functionality.

So that is really something everybody wishes to have.

Before going into the design and features, let’s overview some specs detail.


Name Halo Rover
Brand Haloboard
Colors Black
Dimensions 9.1 x 8.7 x 27.5 inches
Material Aluminum
Weight 32 pounds
Minimum Weight 45 lbs.
Maximum Weight 265 lbs.
Battery Lithium-ion battery
Max Speed 10 mph
Wheel’s diameter 8.5 inches
Maximum Slope Handling 20 degrees
App Platform Android


Halo Rover comes with one of the best balancing designs I have ever seen.

Black color, solid body and stylish design, that’s everything you can find in Halo Rover.

Overall body is made up of aluminum to keep the board both lightweight and durable. And rubber tires are made up of indestructible rubber that can go through every surface. Well, at least that’s what Haloboard claims and we need to make a cross-check to check the truth.

We have a solid aluminum base with textures on it. This is the spot where you will be placing your feet and these textures aren’t there for no reason. They will provide grip to your shoes so you don’t lose balance. The upper part of the base is completely black while bottom one has a silver color. It features seven LEDs to make things visible even in the night. It has the logo of “Hover” on it in white. That’s is the overall design of the base and it is quite sturdy to withstand weight up to 265 lbs.

Furthermore, it is water resistant and can bear the light rain without any hassle.

Below the base, we have Bluetooth speakers that can connect to your smartphone through an app. You can change the track and adjust the volume using it. Between the base and tires, we have mudguards to keep the mud away from you. They emerge from the base and extend up to top of tires in a sleek manner. Rover’s logo can also be seen on mudguards.

And finally, we have indestructible rubber tires that aim that aim to provide you with a solid ride on almost all terrains. They are 8.5 inches in size and do not get unbalanced at rough surface. The rim of the wheel is strong enough to keep the board stable even with heavy weight and max speed. There are three modes upon which wheels will adjust their speeds—learning, normal and advanced modes.

So that is basically what Halo Rover looks like. As far as design is concerned, it’s a perfect fit and looks balanced. Well, I need to ride to see the performance, so keep following me.


TiresMusicApplicationCarry Case
Most of the companies that manufacture hoverboards advise consumers to keep it on the roads because they aren’t designed to work on other surfaces effectively. But Halo Rover takes it to a new level by producing indestructible tires that can go through any surface. Ride it on street or mud or even on grass, you won’t feel unbalanced. Moreover, this board can also move on inclined surface angled up to 20 degrees which is a great achievement in my opinion. Another self-balancing scooter usually fail at this point because inclined surfaces make them lose balance.
Any music lover here? Well, I fall in this category and listen to rock while riding on my car. So I said, why not here. Halo Rover comes with a Bluetooth speaker that connects via application to your smartphone. You can increase and decrease the volume, skip the track and much more.
This application is useful in other functionalities too. Just like tracking the speed of board and switching between learning, normal and advanced modes of riding and checking the battery life. You can even check how much distance you have covered. In short, this app covers everything you need to regulate the board easily.
It would be odd to carry this hoverboard in hand when not in use. No problem my friend because you got Halo Rover carry case for free. It has the same design covering as the Rover and has black color. You can carry it on your back thanks to should strap that is strong enough to hold it easily.


Performance of this device is a matter of discussion.

The design is good and features look interesting but everything is based on performance.

I weigh around some 70 kilograms and the board had no problem in handling my weight. I started with learner’s mode basically as I am not very good at riding it.

It goes very smoothly on roads without any jerks and it reached to its maximum speed of 10 miles per hour within two minutes. Moving through a little bit wet area was also a good experience. The board is water resistant and mudguards do not let the water fall upon you.

Mud and sand riding operation were a little bit clunky but still board managed to balance itself thanks to robust tires that easily overcome small hurdles. This is basically the specialty of this device. There are other boards on the market that offer great value in on the road riding but Halo Rover provides almost equal opportunities on off-road riding.

LEDs are very sharp at night and they can also be used to signal other riders in the back. The app works great as long as there are no interferences in connection. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.1, music ran flawlessly throughout the journey. At speed breakers, it got inclined to some angle but balanced itself within a second.

I test it for three weeks and there were no wear and tear to the material. Both tires and base are made of a superior material to provide long lasting durability. Battery life is more than enough for anyone around 60-70 kg. You can travel almost 8 miles with a single charge that last up to some three hours and I think this is a good distance at this point. In future, we can expect longer battery life but for now, it is at its best.

With all these features, Halo Rover stands at the top in self-balancing scooters. I didn’t find any major issues with it and it worked seamlessly for me. Carry case is good but I think Rover is a little bit heavier to carry on. The added weight helps it to balance the wheels in case of the rugged surface but it also makes it heavier to carry on back. That is the only point where I felt it falling down but I think we have to compromise on it for the time being.


Expensive yet durable hoverboard, Halo Rover is an example of perfect riding device for me. All-terrain riding makes it a good option over other boards.

Halo Rover hoverboard

Halo Rover hoverboard



Outdoor Capabilities






App Support



  • UL 2272 Safety certified
  • Bluetooth & Mobile app support
  • Ride anywhere, on streets, mud, sand, or snow
  • Change the riding modes to fit your style


  • Expensive, heavy

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