Jaybird X3 Review and Unboxing

We are heading to the future and future is wireless.

Whether it is a mouse, keyboard, headphone, charger or any other portable gadget, things are heading to wireless mode.

Although we are still in development phase and wireless method can’t perform better than wired alternative but this is just a start.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus brought AirPods as a replacement after removal of headphone jack completely.

Well, AirPods work very well and give a very smooth performance but what if they get damaged.

Newer ones come with a hefty price tag and we need some solid alternatives to fill the space.

Jaybird X3 is the one solution I found pretty much close to the answer.

Jaybird X3 Review:

JayBird X3 review

Jaybird is an American company, based in Utah that specifically works on design and manufacturing of headphones and wearable trackers.

It is sub-division of Logitech which also enjoys a good fame in the electronics market. Logitech acquired Jaybird in April 2016 for $50 million.

Jaybird came into attention due to wireless Bluetooth headphones and X3 is just continuation of that series.

It is succeeded by Jaybird X2 which was marked as best headphone by major technology blogs.

X3 has come up with furthermore improvements which we will be discussing below.

Company’s founder Judd Armstrong says that he wanted to make headphones that would be sweat resistant and non-restrictive for physical activities. In other words, he was targeting athletes and players major audience.

That is why Jaybirds claims that X3 is the best sports headphones.

Before going into design and feature details, let’s take a look at specs sheet to understand things in a better way.


Name Jaybird X3
Brand Jaybird (Now Logitech)
Colors black, white, red
Dimensions 0.5 x 21.5 x 0.9 in
Weight 0.48 ounces
App Platform Android, iOS


Jaybird X3 comes in four colors military green, white, black and red. It has a minimal design to keep the wires out of tangling.

The one I have here is black and silver and it looks very beautiful with a glossy surface.

The design is pretty much similar to its predecessor X2 and there are no major changes. Wearing style of these in ears is just like neckband, making tangling nearly impossible.

I was surprised to see such a heavy customization available for these earphones.

You get different sizes of silicon tips, comply foam tips and wingtips to choose one that works best for your ears.

Other than that, we have shirt clips too to make the wires fixed to the shirt.

And finally, management clips are there to adjust the length of cables. You can shorten the cable if you wish to wear it around the neck and use the full length of cable if you aim to wear it along the shirt.

Plastic is used as material to make earbuds as light as possible but I noticed that it isn’t that much strong as compared to X2. I would rather call it degrading the product quality wise. Two earbuds are very small in size, joined by wings and ear tips to get the firm attachment to ears. These wings have vent holes to keep the air passing so it isn’t air locked.

Wingtips accessories provide a wide range of types for your convenience. For example, using comply air tips can completely make you completely noise free. They are also very soft and won’t make your ear suffer from tightness.

Furthermore, when wore correctly, they get embedded into your ears to make it easier to wear a helmet. As I have told you before, it mainly focuses on athletes and players. So it’s a very welcoming design in my opinion.

I noticed that earbuds aren’t straight instead they have been bent downward. This is basically done in accordance with your ear structure that has the very same cavity. A very smart move by Jaybird indeed.

Furthermore, when wore correctly, they get embedded into your ears to make it easier to wear a helmet. 😉

Right earbud extends to short wires up to the control housing. The housing provides customization and control over music thanks to three buttons.

You can increase or decrease the volume of audio with upper and lower button respectively. The center button skips the track. Housing size is kept minimum to make the overall design short and lightweight.

Since they are neckband style in ears, the wires are very short made our running uninterrupted. Along with many accessories, you also get cable management clips that can help you adjust the length of wires. This way you can wear these earphones in many different styles.

I recommend you to wear it around your neck, with wire length shortened to your comfort.

On the backside of these earbuds resides the Jaybird logo in silver plastic. That sure gives it a fancy and stylish look. So that were basically the first impressions of these awesome earphones.


I am already impressed by the design and there are even more features that excite me pretty much.

CustomizationSweat ProofWireless ConnectionSmartphone App
The best thing about these in ears is customization. When we buy something, we look for the best fit. In this case, you don’t even have to worry about it. We have many accessories such as wingtips, comply foam tips, shirt clips, cable length adjusters and much more. All these accessories make it a very good option especially when we talk about a factor of comfort.
Are you an ambitious runner who enjoys music while running or a cyclist who makes most of his journey listening to rock. In either case, the major problem is sweat that makes the earbuds pop out of the ear. But say no more because X3 comes with nano-coating material that is hydrophobic and sweat-proof. Whether it is rain or sweat, it won’t let droplets to remain for a long time.
And yes, the wireless connection. You don’t need to have a physical connection to your phone because Jaybird X3 operates via Bluetooth to get paired with your phone. Furthermore, we have 8 hours of long battery life to keep your running hassle-free. Jaybird claims that 15 minutes of charging can easily pass your gaming hour.
We have MySound app available on PlayStore and App Store that can connect to your earbuds thanks to Bluetooth 4.1. This app can personalize the musical properties of your earbuds and can save them for later use.


The one thing we need to put into the test is the quality of sound. It worked well with both low and high notes.

The bass is effectively amazing and beats sound very good.

However, I encountered one problem and that is a loss of connection. It would occasionally drop out signals but not that much.

Other than that, the hydrophobic material does its job by quick removal of moisture off the in ears.

I felt zero to no considerable sweat across the ear tips.

The grip by wingtip is firm and keeps the earphones tighten even with strong shakes such as running. After all, it’s a sports earphone.

Battery life is another plus point in my opinion. I tested it for more than 6 hours and it is pretty much closer to the claim.

Quick charging also worked great.

The performance is fine and design is good. There are very few problems with these earphones and one of them is carrying the charging dock.

You have to keep it with you so you don’t run out of charging.

And a little bit issue is with the app too. You can create sound profiles and that’s good. But at the moment, you have the option to save only one profile and that’s a clear drawback.


But still, Jaybird X3 is a great headphone that has a firm grip and works efficiently in outdoor conditions. If you are an athlete, this one is definitely for you.

Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset

Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset



Battery Life









  • Designed to be as small as possible
  • 8-hour battery life
  • The X3 Headphones are great for sports
  • The patented silicone ear fins


  • The option to save only one profile

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Written by Jidaun Parker

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