Logitech G413 Carbon Keyboard Review

A mechanical keyboard is the first preference for most of the Gamers because it yields better gaming experience as compared to a traditional membrane keyboard. 🙂

Hardcore gamers admire the mechanical keyboards because of their satisfying touch and length.

Latest keyboards even have the ability to sync RGB lightings with your other gaming accessories. However, it is a fact that gaming isn’t cheap nowadays.

Even accessories such as headphones, consoles, graphics card cost you plenty of money. Mechanical keyboards are no exception.

We have some solid keyboards such as HyperX Alloy and Corsair Strafe which are considered as kings of keyboards. But they are expensive as hell and budget oriented gamers may find it hard to buy these.

Also, it can be very problematic to buy all these peripherals on higher prices at once.

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So, this problem creates a gap that won’t allow many of you to enjoy the full gaming experience. Affordability has an ever growing demand in the consumer market and electronics companies are trying hard to fulfill it.

So that’s the same case here. At the very same point, Logitech G413 makes an entry to fill that gap. 😉

Let’s Review Logitech G413 Carbon Keyboard:

Logitech G413 is a superb budget oriented mechanical keyboard that aims to provide as good gaming experience as its expensive competitors without losing the factor of affordability.

Logitech isn’t a well-known name for most of you because it is a new entrant in the market. The company deals with computers accessories such as a mouse, speakers, and webcams.

But point to be noted is that Logitech focuses on producing economical devices without compromising the quality. G413 is also part of this object.

Still, for that lower price, you won’t be getting everything flagship keyboards have. That’s because G413 is a basic mechanical keyboard that isn’t here to compete higher end models but to give the taste of gaming keyboard to hardcore gamers.

So definitely it isn’t the best choice but still worth considering. There are basically two variants for Logitech G413. One is silver having white as a light color and other is black having red as the light color. Black one is known as Carbon.

So let us take a look at specs first.

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.43 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 1.4 x 17.5 x 5.1 in
  • Hardware Connectivity: USB
  • Batteries Required: No
  • LED Color: Red

Okay, let’s begin with the design. This one is a large keyboard with black as its primary color. Having a length of 17.5 in. makes it comfortable to use for gaming purpose.

The back has a metallic aluminum plate which keeps the keyboard light in weight. Key caps aren’t adjusted tightly to the base to make the press smooth.

Carbon model looks good and is an excellent choice for gamers due to its look.

Nowadays, most of the gaming accessories come with light as their primary color. For other uses, I recommend you to go with silver one.

We are living in 2017 so is this keyboard. There’s slot for USB gaming headset which might surprise most of you because traditional headsets require 3.5 mm jack.

This USB pass through can also connect your mouse and charge your phone. Nice job Logitech!

You can lift keyboard using two legs at the bottom. They are stiff and won’t let the keyboard vibrate upon fast typing or aggressive gaming use.

The keyboard includes the support of function keys so you can have one finger control over volume, play and pause, skip track, mute, toggle lighting, enter game mode, etc. which indeed is a very nice improvement.

Okay, we are done with the design. Let’s have some discussion about the performance and features.

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Logitech introduced Romer-G mechanical switches for upgraded performance and responsiveness. Thanks to this switch, red light look amazingly cool. Logitech has tried to keep the things as minimum as possible.

So there is no place for you to put your palm to rest which might annoy some of you. That’s why Tom’s Guide referred to it as “Minimal Mechanical Keyboard” which makes sense.

Pressing keys at higher rates doesn’t produce irritating noise which is basically a plus point. That is also one of the reasons why I replaced my previous keyboard.

Click distance is maintained at 1.5 mm to get rid of noise which is indeed a very wise decision. This distance also helps to type 25% faster, Logitech claims.

The company claims that this keyboard can withstand 70 million of presses which are a clear reason why I call it a real budgeted gaming keyboard.

Along with it, we have 5 years of warranty which makes be believe that claim of 70 million could be true. If you are an aggressive gamer, this keyboard will surely over deliver.

And finally, we have compatibility software for this keyboard. If you use Mac, you must install it for it to work properly on your device.

There are many other options for gamers that can help you customize keyboard for your ease. For example, you can change which keys can disable game modes.

Furthermore, you can reduce the lights by assigning buttons using this software. In simple words, this software helps to make G413 customizable.

However, there are some things that it really lacks. There are no discrete media keys. Nongamers won’t be liking the red color. I recommend them to have a look at the silver alternative. And USB port is 2.0 which should be at least 3.0.


Bottom line is that it is a good keyboard in general. That’s all you can expect from an inexpensive keyboard that helps you enjoy your game effectively. It would be wrong to expect the luxury of flagship models from this one. This keyboard is a perfect blend of speed, precision, and quiet performance and hopefully, won’t disappoint you.

Logitech G413 Carbon Keyboard

Logitech G413 Carbon Keyboard












  • Responsiveness and durability
  • Additional USB cable
  • The brushed aluminum-magnesium alloy top case
  • Built for pro-grade performance
  • Plug in a device to charge or plug in a mouse


  • Annoying persistent

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