Panasonic RP DJS400 Headphones Review

Let’s Review Panasonic RP DJS400 Headphones! So, here we go!

Headphones have become a necessary component of our PC system. Gamers also prefer a gaming headset for the powerful gaming experience.

Many companies have stepped into the market with gaming headsets as their first preference.

However, the problem is that a gaming headset is way too much for an average user.

Not everybody is the fan of RGB lightings and large rear wheels.

Other than that, they are expensive as hell and aren’t affordable for a normal user.

Panasonic RP DJS400

In this situation, Panasonic emerges as a situation handler with its simple yet high performing headphones.

Panasonic is Japanese electronics giant has been producing electronics goods since 1918. The television market is its main focus while other products include air conditioner, computers, mobiles, and camera etc.

Keeping it simple, the company is the consumers’ first preference when it comes to buying electronics equipment.Panasonic RP DJS400 is the latest addition to the family.

DJS400 is a handsome headphone in budgeted range with powerful sound capacity. It is available in different colors, with black being the primary one. Before going into further feature detail, let’s dig into the specifications first.


Name RP DJS400se
Brand Panasonic
Color Black/Blue
Dimensions 7 x 2 x 2 inches
Weight 10.4 ounces
Design DJ style
Sensitivity 102 dB
Cord Length 3.9 ft.


Panasonic has put a good effort in making headphones lightweight. Therefore, this headphone is made up of plastic entirely. Of course, that makes it a little bit weak too but at the cost of weight. The whole frame is black in color unless you buy dual color headphones.

Starting at the top, we have a plain black headband with a rough surface which looks very odd to me. But still, most of the modern day headphones have the same headbands.It is then followed by two metal hinges at both ends to adjust the ear cups at the bottom. These metal hinges keep both components of headphones in a very smooth contact. Ear cups look amazingly fantastic thanks to their shining surface.

On both sides of ear cups, we have Panasonic’s logo followed by headphone’s name. Inner side keeps the ergonomics factor in attention. We have an orange colored plate covering the sound structure. On top of that, soft and comfy foam rests for easy and comfortable wear. From the left cup, we have cord extending up to 3.5 mm head jack. It takes Y shape before meeting at a point and goes to end in form of single cord.

So that was all about looks and overview. The design isn’t very impressive but the fact is that Panasonic has kept it simple intentionally. Going with dual color headphones is a good option in my opinion because it gives it an enhanced look.


Being simple doesn’t make it ordinary headphones with no special feature. The best thing about this device is the degree of freedom. You can extend the headband and rotate ear cups up to great angles. You can swivel both cups in both X and Y directions. Panasonic called it Swivel mechanism.

Manufacturers have turned these headphones for massive bass beats which make the things easier for many of us. Now you don’t have to make the adjustment using software to enjoy music as per your style. RP DJS400 has taken care of it.

4 feet long cord makes it easier for distance listening. Although it is vulnerable to tangling this length is pretty much decent to counter this problem. It gives a quality audio performance on all major platforms such as smartphone, PCs, laptops and audio players.

Performance isn’t a theoretical practice, that’s why I have check this headphone on for some major titles such as Time by Pink Floyd, Crossing Over by Van Halen and Closer by Nine Inch Nails. Both of them have a high base and that is the specialty of this device. It gets a little bit noisy sometimes but most of the time it gives powerful sound. Closer has mixed sort of music and DJS400 gave above average performance for it. Talking about Crossing Over, you will love listening beautiful thumps which are why this headphone makes a special place for music lovers.

There aren’t many things which fall into drawbacks section but still, it is good to know about them. On a personal note, I am not a fan of this simple design. It could be even more stylish and enriched. Furthermore, it lacks a major component—microphone. Sound quality is very good in general but there are cases where it fails to deliver. Anyways, pros and cons are part of every story and this one is no different.



You see this device aims at music enthusiasts. This isn’t going to give you’re a healthy gameplay nor it is made for this purpose. A fine-tuned device for massive bass beats which gives superior performance is my recommendation for an average Joe.

Panasonic RP DJS400 Headphones

Panasonic RP DJS400 Headphones





Battery Life


Easy to fly





  • Convenient travel-fold design for compact carrying
  • Single-side monitoring system
  • Free-style monitoring with Swivel mechanism
  • Tuned Bass for massive beats


  • It hurts on ears

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Written by Addison Aiken

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