Punisher Skateboards Helmet Review – Jinx 11-Vent

Punisher Skateboards Helmet Review – Jinx 11-Vent

Here in this article, we have reviewed the Punisher Skateboards Skateboard Helmet –  Jinx 11-Vent!

Most probably you are here because you are searching for a safe skateboard helmet to ensure your safety. According to report by Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America

(POSNA), skateboarding accounted for more than 78000 of injury cases in 2011 in the just US. That’s quite a huge number and most of us don’t pay attention to our safety. And most of the victims of the injury are young boys. Losing balance, falling off the skateboard and landing on the outstretched arm is the key reason but still, the responsibility of the incident is somehow related to our negligence to safety rules. So skateboard trainers advice young drivers to wear a proper helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads and close shoes that can resist the slippage.

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Not wearing these essential wearables can cost you facial injuries. Damage to head and neck result in severe problems for the rest of life. Using precautionary measures although doesn’t guarantee that accidents won’t happen but it greatly reduces the damage that can cause you life-long discomfort.

Let’s Review – Punisher Skateboards Helmet

Finding a proper helmet is not an easy task because it involves many factors. The factor of safety, price, material and other important things are to be observed before choosing the best one for you. But don’t worry about it because here at GadgetSkull, we aim to provide you with the maximum possible information about the product so that you don’t have to bother about it. Keeping in view the safety and price, I see no good choice other than Punisher Skateboard Jinx-11 helmet.

Named as Jinx, it is one of the six iterations from Punisher Skateboard. Other being the Butterfly Jive, Cherry Blossom, Elephantasm, Ranger, and Teddy. First two are aimed at young girls while other are for boys and kids. Jinx is also for kids above 5. Punisher is a well-known name in Skateboarding and most of the trainers recommend their pupils to buy helmets from Punisher because they are durable and have more pads to maximize the head safety.

Let me cover some specification details first.

Color: Black

Department: Kids

Weight: 0.85 pounds

Material: ABS outside, EPS inside, Plastic

Size: Medium

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What’s better than having the same design helmet as your skateboard. If you own Jinx-31 in skateboard, you have no best choice other than this helmet because it matches with the skateboard in terms for the color scheme. Also, kids prefer to buy matching stuff so definitely it is a good reason to buy it for the little one.

But that really is a convincing reason to buy a helmet. We are basically here to address our safety concern. Jinx tackles this problem using solid materials such as ABS plastic covering EPS foam which makes the helmet hard and sturdy from outside and easy and comfortable to wear from inside at the same time. That’s quite a great design achievement because I have tested many hard helmets but they fail to deliver in terms of easiness to wear. This issue exists vice versa too.

So you are thinking that you have bought a helmet that won’t last two years and have to replace it to fulfill your kids growing body needs. You are wrong there my friend. Jinx comes with additional pads that can help you in two ways. Firstly, if you manage to buy a big helmet, extra pads will help you resize it. Similarly, when you find out that the kid’s head has grown over the year, you can use it without pads. And no, pads aren’t there for head safety. They are just to resize the helmet to fit on your head. Just keep one thing in mind that PONSA recommends using a helmet for a maximum of five years. That is because after that it won’t guarantee safety as it will weaken over time.

Top of the helmet has eleven vent holes for the crossing of air so your kid doesn’t feel hot. Other adjustments include adjustable chin straps that are there for the same purpose. Jinx has an upper hand over its competitors because the helmet is designed such that the same helmet can be used for skating and bike riding. And that’s definitely an interesting approach because not everyone is happy to buy a separate helmet for the separate game.


The bottom line is that I have tested it myself. It is durable and fits for kids up to 12 years. One area where it really lags is the size. I found it a bit big for some kids. You see, kids from 5-7 won’t feel comfortable as it should be. But the same helmet is well and good for older ones. So that’s the only minus one in my opinion. Furthermore, I don’t recommend you to buy it for young girls because there are other better alternatives available such as Butterfly Jive and Cherry Blossom because they have more girlish looks.

Punisher Skateboards Helmet Review - Jinx 11-Vent

Punisher Skateboards Helmet Review - Jinx 11-Vent












  • Durable ABS plastic shell
  • 11 breathable vents
  • Adjustable chinstrap (colored)
  • Certified to CPSC safety standards


  • Bigger than advertised

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Written by Addison Aiken

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