Razer ManO’War Gaming Headset Review

Here in this article, we have reviewed the Razer ManO’War Gaming Headset!

Wireless headsets are now in trend and there’s an increasing demand for them especially from hardcore gamers. What we generally expect from a good headset is a strong wireless performance, good battery life, and easiness to wear. Luckily, Razer Man O’War comes packed with all these awesome features. Man O War has basically two versions, one having wired system while other is wireless. A wired system is usually recommended with XBOX One.

The name of the headset is equally interesting. You see, Man O War is a term used for sea warrior who overshadows the foes and I see Razer what you did there. Razer designed this device to deliver amazing sound up to 20 hours, basically out speeding the competitors. Another interesting trivia about Razer’s headset is that they name their devices after sea creatures. For instance, take a look at predecessor Kraken which is a legendary sea monster. Same is true for Hammerhead, named after species of shark. (Seems Razer is obsessed with sea monsters.)

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Anyways, that’s not our topic of discussion. We are having a review of the amazing wireless headset- The Razer Man O War. It is a super comfortable headset that can produce virtual 7.1 surround sound. That makes it the only gaming headset to do so – a clear distinction. Being a gamer, you should know that gaming isn’t cheap nowadays and costs hundreds of dollars. Same is true for this device. It is not the best device under budget you can find but definitely the sound quality along with battery life is a point which makes a difference.

Usually, I start with specifications. So here are the specs for this headset:

Weight: 375 grams

Battery Life: 20 hours without lighting

Range: Up to 40ft

Working Frequency: 20Hz-20 kHz

Connection type: Wireless USB transceiver

Now let’s talk about the design. You see, Man O War is a little big device as compared to other gaming headsets in general. But that doesn’t mean it is bulky too. It has plastic as its base material which keeps it very light despite great size. The color is black and black is what we need. On the top, we have Razer’s logo. Similarly, ear cups also feature the logo along with RGB lighting. To my surprise, it can rotate about 90 degrees and I wasn’t simply expecting that. Attached with left ear cup, there’s a flexible microphone and has shining black color. Not only ear cups are adjustable, headband also comes with flexibility. Don’t feel comfortable with the size, no problem. You can adjust it from almost all parts. You can extend the headband, you can rotate the cups and almost anything to get yourself in comfort.Gamers use headsets extensively which can cause pain in ears and other discomforts. But Man O War is designed while keeping this problem in view. You won’t feel exhausted or weary even after wearing it for hours.

There are multiple buttons on both ear cups for advanced functionality. You can increase or decrease the volume by simply rotating the wheel. Similarly, a voice for microphone can be controlled similarly. Other than that, we have a power button on one side to power off or on the device.

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As I explained above, there are no wires. It is completely wireless. It connects to your gaming device using USB transceiver. Battery life is a matter of discussion too. It ranges from 14 to 20 hours depending upon the lightings. Using RGB lights consume more energy, thus limiting the battery to 14 hours of usage. Otherwise, it can carry on for a whole day without lagging. I generally don’t use lightings so it worked for me for 17 to 18 hours which is pretty much the same. Companies test their products in a different environment so the result isn’t the same everywhere. Talking about the lights, I nearly forgot to mention that lights are customizable as well. You can compute them to any color from a vast library of 17 million colors.

The frame of Man O War is of plastic which is both good and bad. Good in the sense that using other material can make it heavy and bulky. And bad in the sense that strength of plastic is something we can’t trust. Its predecessor Kraken had an aluminum frame which is obviously a plus point. In simple words, making it a plastic device just made it more vulnerable to breakage which isn’t a good thing because no one is going to spend another chunk of money for this expensive headset.

I think that’s enough of design. I have to plenty of features of this device to show you. The major feature that differs this headset from others is 7.1 surround sound which can be fine-tuned to Razer Synapse software. If you own products from Razer such as mouse and keyboard, you can sync all of them to light similarly thanks to tuning.

It works for the distance of 40 ft (12m) which is an amazing approach. This is possible due to 2.4 GHz wireless connection that keeps powering headset at such a long distance. I roamed about my house up to that good distance and it gave a purely awesome performance. Getting out of 35ft radius will, however, affect the sound. If there’s any other device that can interfere, it is also a bit of problem.

The price of this headset is a matter of discussion. First of all this device is intended for PC (although it can work with PS4 without any hassle), and it gives superior performance on PC. But the price is quite huge if we keep this aspect in mind. In comparison to it, Arctic 7 from Siberia works well on XBOX One, PCs, PS4 and phone. And that’s too for less price. But I must say, quality is something that other headsets lack. You see when we buy a device, we prefer quality over any other feature. Same is true for this one and Man O War rules a matchless quality.

Seeing the plus point such as battery life, range, quality and flexibility make it one of the best choices for gaming headsets.  On the other hand, we have some really disturbing issues such as price, material, and size. But the overall performance of Man O War is good and I recommend it for extensive gaming use.

Razer ManO'War Gaming Headset

Razer ManO'War Gaming Headset












  • Retractable digital mic
  • Latency-free wireless performance
  • Wireless 7.1 virtual surround sound


  • The headset is amazing if you don't have bigger ears or head

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