Reasons to Buy a Carpet Cleaner Instead of Renting One

Reasons to Buy a Carpet Cleaner

Well, it depends upon your need.

This question seems to be odd because if someone badly needs his carpet cleaned, he will surely buy one. That’s not the simple case here my friend.We need to discuss two different scenarios here.

The major problem here is to deal with stubborn stains and we know our traditional cleaners have failed to deliver. So the best carpet cleaner is a great option. But then we have a problem regarding the price.

Most carpet cleaners range from $150 to $450 and it seems to be very high for an average user.

Furthermore, it’s not something we use very frequently.

So what is an affordable answer to this problem?

Well, let’s make an assumption here. If you own a big house having multiple rooms and thus the carpets, BINGO! You better buy a carpet cleaner.

More carpets mean more often cleaning and that means it’s better to have a cleaner of your own.

Conversely, if you don’t have too many carpets, it’s a wrong choice to buy a carpet cleaner.

Okay, then? How are we going to deal with it?

The best solution that comes to mind is to take a cleaner on rent. Most stores in the US provide facility to use cleaner for a day at a reasonable price of $30 and it’s affordable.

Rug Doctor and HSS Hire are the famous names renting cleaners as low as $20. Additionally, buying a detergent will cost you extra $10. Still, a better option if you aim to use it less frequently. Another important factor is having a pet or kids.

They may mess the carpet more often. Obviously, that’s not what vacuum cleaner is made to deal with. So it’s better to consider this aspect before buying a cleaner.

So the answer to a question that whether you should buy a carpet cleaner completely depends upon you. Above mentioned conditions will help you decide which option is better for you.

In any case, you still need to figure out which cleaner is best for your carpet.

Types of Carpet Cleaners:

Consumer Reports has divided carpet cleaners into three major classes.

Compact Cleaners:

They are inexpensive and have a compact design. They aren’t designed for extensive stain removal instead they can help eliminate smaller jobs. It can easily wipe out heavily ingrained filth out of the carpet. Best examples are SpotCleaners by Bissell.

Full Sized Cleaners:

They are heavier and more efficient than compact ones. They can deal with almost any type of dirt and debris. That makes them a bit expensive too.

Rental Deep Cleaners:

There are some companies such as Rug Doctor that rent you cleaner for $30 a day. They have one of the bulkiest designs and that’s why they are called deep cleaners. They are used for extensive cleaning and help you remove most stubborn smudges.

How To Choose Carpet Cleaner:

Now that you have decided to make your carpet neat as a button, it’s better to search for some features that might help you buy a better cleaner. It took me some time to decide as well but I thought it would be better to share them with you, just for the sake of time-saving.

  • Look for the one with a large storage tank. Having a larger tank requires less number of times to refill it.
  • Buy one having moving brushes. There are some cleaners with fixed brushes but they do not offer better cleansing when compared with movable brushes.
  • Modern cleaners are belt-free. It really helps because belts are a more common victim of wear and tear.
  • Since buying a cleaner is most probably a one-time choice, it’s better to buy one with a longer hose. It can help you get rid of debris around the corners.

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