Sades AW80 USB Stereo Gaming Headset Review

Let’s start the review of Sades AW80 USB Stereo Gaming Headset!

The way gaming has become part of us gamers is incredible. With each new title, there comes a twist of the story, blend of war and race of conquest.

I have gone through almost all big names such as Battlefield, Gears of Wars: 4, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and Tomb Raider. However, I really felt something lacking years back.

It took me some time to understand but the fact is you can’t experience the thrill of the game without necessary components of gaming.

What exactly are these components?

For me, they are a gaming mouse, mechanical keyboard, and gaming headset.

I have been using Logitech G303 and Logitech G413 as my primary gaming devices recently. Both of them perform very well in their respective fields and until now, I have no issues with them. 😉

Other than that, they fall in the sweet budgeted range, saving few bucks of mine. A gaming headset, however, created a problem when I tried to find one with reasonable price.

Razer Man O War has been best headset over the time but it is heavily priced and isn’t the affordable choice for an average gamer.

Sades AW80 Gaming Headset Review:

But finally, I managed to get a healthy solution without compromising sound quality. Sades AW80 USB Stereo is a high-performing gaming headset that comes up with noise and vibration control characteristics. Thanks to its “advanced bass enhancement”, you can take control over music equalization. Sades have been specifically targeting headsets as their primary product and so far they are very good at it.

Sades AW80 USB Stereo is a high-performing gaming headset that comes up with noise and vibration control characteristics. Thanks to its “advanced bass enhancement”, you can take control over music equalization. Sades have been specifically targeting headsets as their primary product and so far they are very good at it.


Before going into design and features, let’s take a look at specs sheet:

Name AW80 USB Stereo Gaming Headset
Brand Sades
Color Black
Frequency Range 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Cable Type Braided
Sensitivity 113 dB
Cord Length 7 ft.


I must appreciate the design of AW80 as it gives a true gaming peripheral look. Large and solid ear cups with intact design really look very nice. The outer body is black while inner is blue thanks to the leather cushion. The basis of this headset is made up of plastic and it doesn’t look weak to me. The surface is quite rough and there aren’t any marks or designs on it.

On the top, we have a large headband with nothing special on it. It is adjustable like any other headset in the market. It is followed by two ear cups on both sides that are designed very well and come with a variety of functions.Part joining headband and cups has a gray color and it looks really fantastic.

Two ear cups are large in size but they aren’t compromising comfort. Top of the cup features Sades name in RGB lights followed by Sades’ logo in the same pattern. Same structure exists on another cup. I think it’s quite an impressive move to locate RGB in name and logo and they look pretty awesome. Right ear cup hasn’t any other specialties but left one is accompanied by a microphone. It is designed in an omnidirectional manner so when not in use, you can it in its dedicated slot on left cup. Other than that we have volume buttons to increase or decrease the sound.

The braided wire extends from left ear cup as well. It is water proof and has a length of 7 ft. (2.2 m). It is tangle-free and can work with long distance. The inner portion of cups and headband is made up of leather, further coated with blue plastic. They are very soft and comfy to wear. So that was basically all about design which is very impressive in my opinion.


AW80 comes with all basic features that a gaming headset needs to have. A robotic design, fine-tuning of sound, RGB lights etc. are some of the features that can be seen in one look. I have seen slightly innovation as well. For instance, the USB input instead of head jack. It’s an unusual improvement but still worth appreciating.

Surround sound is another interesting feature which focuses the sound at one spot by canceling the noise around. Two speakers are well performing and they produce clean bass thanks to enhanced bass technology.Ear cushions are designed in a way that they keep sound with in your ear premises. They completely block the outside noise as well.

The comfort factor is also an achievement in my opinion. Thanks to leather cushion, they are so easy to wear for a long time. Gaming isn’t a business of one or two hours. Gamerspass a great portion of the day so they need ergonomic devices. So definitely this headset fulfills this criterion.

The microphone has the most suitable position in comparison to other competitors. Left ear cup has a dedicated slot for them so you can hide it when not in use. And finally, this is a budget headset. I really like how Sades packed all necessary features in this reasonable price. This is PC compatible device and won’t be working simply on XBOX or PlayStation without compatible devices. Other than that you don’t need a software to customize volumes and lights. Simply plug in and enjoy.


This isn’t a hardcore gaming device but it sure serves its purpose. 😉

If you are looking for a non-gaming headset, you better go with Panasonic DJS400 which is good for enough use. There aren’t any shorts in this device so you definitely have my recommendation for smooth gameplay.

Sades AW80 USB Stereo Gaming Headset

Sades AW80 USB Stereo Gaming Headset





Frequency Range







  • Microphone Noise Cancelling Volume Control
  • High definition stereo headphones
  • This headset is not 7.1 sound channels
  • Extreme soft and ventilate Protein ear cushion


  • None

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