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SENSO ActivBuds S-250Wireless headphones are quickly paving their way into the consumer markets and as of today, their demand is more than the wired headphones.

Music has now become a necessity to most of us and there’s no denying that it has a direct impact on audio devices.;)

No doubt that wired headphones still have importance but it’s the law of nature that everything continues to evolve and thus the headphones.

Being a wireless device means that you no longer have physical contact to your smartphone instead both devices are connected via Bluetooth.

But we have one big problem here.

Most of the wireless devices we see in our daily life are quite expensive and not an affordable choice for average Joe.

Beats X and Jaybird X3 are one of the best wireless in-ears but for the budget-oriented buyer, they do not fit into the vault case.

SENSO ActivBuds S-250 Review:

It took me some time to find the affordable solution but I managed to catch one. Senso Bluetooth headphones are the budgeted earphones that focus mainly on athletes and players who love to listen to music on outdoor activities.

Senso is relatively new company and so far it has been producing headphones only. But company’s Bluetooth headphones have given it a recognition and that is way Senso has dropped the price of in-ears by three times.

Before discussing the design and features of this headphone, let’s go through some specs detail.


Name Senso Bluetooth Headset
Brand Senso
Colors black
Model ActivBuds S-250
Weight 0.2 ounces (hey what?)
Bluetooth 4.1+EDR
Battery Lithium-ion 85 mAh
Charging Time 2+ hours
Playback time 8 hours approx
Standby Time 240 hours

Not all specifications are relevant because I have included some technical details for technical users too.


I ordered these earphones some two months ago and got them within a week. Wrapped in a transparent plastic sheet, it took me little to no effort in opening the box. There are five major ingredients in the box.

Obviously, the Bluetooth headphone unit accompanied by carrying case in case you wish to travel. Then we have short charging cable to charge the earbuds for uninterrupted musical connection.

Moving on, there are three sets of ear tips- small, medium and large. You have the choice to choose one which suits your ear best.

That is really a plus point because not all of us have the same ears.

The customization factor is not as same as Jaybird X3’s but still more than enough.

Then we have management clips to adjust the length of wire. This way you can wear it in different style i.e. along the neck or along the shirt. And finally, we have the user manual to make adjustments in the correct manner.

SENSO takes another step towards facilitating the customer by providing dual port USB car charger and 3 ft. charging cable for smartphone devices as a bonus.


If someone asks me to define the word “minimal”, I would say Senso ActivBuds without any hesitation.

Now that’s an odd way to introduce these earphones but the fact is that these are the lightest in-ears I have ever seen. With only 0.2-ounce weight, ActivBuds won the factor of ergonomics.

We have nothing except for two earbuds at all. No, I am serious, that is the only thing you can find attached to earbuds. Two earbuds are integrated with wingtips such that it fits tightly on ears. On the back, we have Senso logo in red color.

You have to wear these earbuds in neckband style manner in the back. Wing tips are almost in semi-circular form to grip your ears securely.

Not many of us pay serious attention to looks are we are more concerned with performance and that’s the main reason we do not have any special look in these headphones. As far as performance is concerned, I will be testing it later.


WeightSweat ProofBattery LifeWarranty
Obviously, the best thing about this device is weight. As a player or runner, you don’t want to feel the slightest burden that might produce irregularities in your running. Thanks to its neckband design, you can get rid of that problem. The secure fit keeps it connected to your ear even in extreme body motion.
So you like hard to exercise while listening music but hate sweat. Well, everybody hates it because it would make earbuds pop out of ears due to slippage. Say no more because Senso has employed gel flex silicon material to earbuds to make it sweat proof. Furthermore, even in a moist environment of the ear, it would maintain its grip and won’t get popped out easily.
Wireless devices have one big issue and that is battery life. Senso knows that and thus these earphones have a battery life of 8 hours approximately. Furthermore, we have quick charging functionality that can fully charge the in-ears within one and half hour. SENSO claims that these headphones can work within a range of 30 ft. That’s a surprise move but we are going to test it for our satisfaction.
You got a one-year warranty and I think it’s enough time to check the reliability of these earphones. In first thirty days, if you somehow got the faulty device, you can return it without any question being asked. I think this is a very good example of customer service and as a result, customer rewards them with 4+ rating.

Finally, this is budgeted device. It has both customization and quality in economic range and that is appreciable fact. It wasn’t priced that way in the start but seeing the customers’ demand, SENSO has reduced it by four times.


We are basically testing two claims here. The audio performance and factor of comfort.

By audio performance, I mean the sound quality. It comes with Bluetooth 4.1 for enhanced connection, there’s no problem with signals. I have tested it for Jazz and rock because they have high beats and the result was satisfactory. These earbuds come with noise suppression technology that makes the unwanted voice away from ears.

As far as ergonomics are concerned, I prefer you to use correct ear tips for painless grip. I use medium size for my ear and I felt no discomfort at all. Battery life is a matter of discussion. It doesn’t cover 8 hours exactly but still, I managed to play music for 6.5 hours continuous which is fine for me. It works well within some 25 ft. The range which is more than enough for me.

There are few things I would like to clear. There’s no remote housing on earphones, so you can’t control the volume or skip the track. You have to use your smartphone to do this and that’s annoying. Other than that, this design is way too much delicate. You have to put it on some extra care so it doesn’t get a break.


A budgeted device that doesn’t compromise on sound and connection quality, that is what I call a perfect match. If you are looking for something like this, give it a shot.

SENSO ActivBuds S-250

SENSO ActivBuds S-250



Battery Life









  • Latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology
  • Quick charge within 1.5 hour
  • Connect seamlessly with all devices up to 30 feet away


  • None

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