Up close with the Tesla Model 3, inside and out

And finally the long awaited Tesla Model 3 has been officially launched by Elon Musk and to everyone’s surprise Model 3 has pulled off the barrier of 300 miles range for electric cars. Before Model 3’s launch, Tesla has given us the glimpse of the power of electricity with wonderful cars such as Model X and Model S but none of them were affordable for the general public.

It might be the latest iteration of Tesla but believe me, you will still feel the taste of Tesla’s recipe. And I was like, “No man, even with my eyes closed, I can tell this thing is Tesla for sure”. Model 3 isn’t a flagship model nor it is intended to be the one. It’s final step of Elon Musks’s revolutionary master plan to make an affordable high volume car so that everyone can go electric. For this purpose, an amazing sports car was made and revenue of it was used to create a normal care with half the price and finally giving all Tesla got to the Model 3.

Initially, there are two models of the car, having different specifications. The basic version costs $35000 with the range of 220 miles (350 km) and long range version is claimed to have a range of 310 miles (almost 500 km). Now that’s amazingly unbelievable. With such an outstanding range, Model X manage to break the barrier of 300 miles for electric car and in my opinion, it’s the tipping point for the automobile industry and who knows, electric cars might be the future. At least, that’s what Elon thinks. Other than that, we have different add ons such as Autopilot, adjustable front seats, self-driving etc each costing additional $5000.

The first thing I noticed is that the Model 3 is slightly smaller than it’s procedure S. But still, there’s still plenty of space when seats are folded. Door handles have a Bluetooth connection to your phone, replacing the traditional methods of unlocking such as keys. Additionally, we have the card key to unlock the doors manually.

And then the interior. To everyone’s surprise, Model 3 is one of the first cars to have a barren dashboard, yes there’s nothing on it. Instead, everything has been replaced by a 15 inches landscape mode screen. And my first impression was, “What is this thing?”. No, seriously, it’s radically different for other cars in competition. And the man behind this design is Franz Von Holzhausen. “We worked to take away things that aren’t necessary, to make a clean, minimalistic interior.”, said, Franz. I have driven Model X and S, but they do not feature horizontal screens, instead, they’re a vertical one. Everything that you have done previously by pressing a button now can be done using a single touch. Whether you wanna listen to the music, or look at the map or change the radio station, you have the screen for this purpose. You won’t be seeing any buttons or switches or gauges. All of these things might not be understandable on first use but you will get it with time.

Push your foot down on the accelerator pedal and the Model 3 leaps away from a standing start. This amazing car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than six seconds. It’s not as fast as other fuel cars but that’s just a start. There might be improved versions coming in the markets soon.

Tesla has a great emphasis on self-driving and it can be seen by the lever on the right of steering wheel. It’s marked Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, and Autopilot. It has the same sensors as Model S including cameras, radar, ultrasonic and of-course super computer. Even with all these features, this car doesn’t lose its focus- The affordability. Musks say,

“If you’re trying to make a difference in the world, you have to make cars that people can afford”.

On July 28, 2017, Elon handed over first 30 cars to the Tesla staff. They will be testing bugs in it to make the future models safer. Musk plans to add 500,000 vehicles to the market by next year and he termed this period as “six months of manufacturing hell”. Till then, I guess we have to wait for their public release.

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Written by Addison Aiken

Addison Aiken is a reporter at GadgetSkull focused on diversity, inclusion and social justice. He previously spent two years at Business Insider covering tech startups focused on the shared economy, IoT and music industry. He is graduated from the University of Southern California in 2011 with a degree in Broadcast and Digital Journalism.

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