These facts about iPhone will make you Dumbstruck

No doubt that the iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone till date and surprisingly iPhone lovers don’t seem to care about it.

In comparison to Android, iPhone captures only 14-15% of the total market while the rest is Android all over the world. But the surprising fact that with every new smartphone released by Apple, more people get obsessed with it.

Did you ever think how many hours of work do you need to do to buy an iPhone X?

Of course, you must have thought about it but the answer is not clear. That’s simply because you need to dig into some statistics and facts and figures to get the answer.

Let’s break the things into three parts to reach the conclusion effectively.

I have taken seven countries into consideration out of which five countries are developed countries i.e. America, UK, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong and two are developing countries i.e. India and Pakistan.

Test between two extremes would make it easy to understand the process.

iOS Share Across the World:

As per the report of Statista, iPhones covers some 14.7% share as of first quarter of 2017 and it’s been decreasing very slightly lately.

Converting it into numbers, we have more than 1 billion iPhone devices sold until now and it is expected to grow tremendously once iPhone X gets to the market.

An interesting fact about this much share is that although it seems very less as compared to Android, iPhone surprising took away 60% of world’s smartphone’s earning in 2013.

That’s primarily because of the higher cost of iPhone and luxury up to some extent. Moreover, in US iPhone has a strong grip over the market with share up to 34%. Comparing US share with India, iPhone seems to have a very low score in India with only 3% of share.

That’s mainly because of cost-effectiveness because at the very same time Samsung grabbed the local community with 25% of market share.

In comparison to it, Android takes over the smartphone industry with some 85% of market value. It has some 2 billion active users as of 2017. Not to mention that it is taking over iOS for some time lately.

GDP Per Country:

Coming towards an interesting point, GDP stands for a gross domestic production which is basically the ratio of purchasing power of the country to the population of the country.

It varies from country to country depending on population and economic parameters. Let’s not get off topic and keep our focus on the topic.

As per a report by World Bank, Hong Kong stands at 58.5K USD as of 2016 topping our comparison list.

US takes the second position reaching 57.4K USD. Canada, UK, and Japan stand at 44K, 42.6K, and 41.4K USD respectively.

Going back to India, we have GDP of 6.5K USD while Pakistan stands at 5.2K USD.

So it’s pretty much clear why iPhone has good sales in the US and other European countries while in Pakistan and India, it had to face a backlash.

The major reason is actually GDP and low economic conditions. To the general public, it seems very expensive and that’s the basic reason why Android rules over the world.

For example, 70% of Indian community purchases smartphone under $150 which is surely not an iPhone.

So you see, cost-effectiveness is a major factor that compelled Apple to keep iPhone 5 and iPhone SE in the market because their prices have dropped lately.

How Many Hours Working Needed to Buy iPhone X?

That segments pack our article completely. Look at the graph we shared below. As we know, iPhone X has a price tag of 1200 USD. And GDP per capita of the country indicates the average pay of an individual per year of the country.

We have to get the GDP at per hour rate to see how much hours we need to work to buy an iPhone. Let me explain this to you using an example.

As mentioned above, GDP per capita of Hong Kong is 58.5K USD and let’s consider there are 2080 working hours in a year (8 working hours and five days a week). Dividing 58.5K by 2080 roughly gives 28 USD per hour pay. Dividing 1200 by 28 gives us some working load of 42.6 hours.

Similarly, we can find out the working hours for others the same way.

I have calculated the values and these are 43.4 hours for the US, 56.7 for Canada, 58.6 for the UK, 60.2 for Japan, 381 for India and finally 476.2 hours for Pakistan.

So it means you are going to be consumed heavily in Pakistan and India if you wish to own an iPhone X. It’s not about the price of the phone but the average earnings of the worker.

Furthermore, it means a person residing in Hong Kong can buy iPhone 11 times faster than one in Pakistan.

How long will it take you to buy an iPhone X in your area? Drop it in the comments section below. We love to listen what you say.

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Written by Addison Aiken

Addison Aiken is a reporter at GadgetSkull focused on diversity, inclusion and social justice. He previously spent two years at Business Insider covering tech startups focused on the shared economy, IoT and music industry. He is graduated from the University of Southern California in 2011 with a degree in Broadcast and Digital Journalism.

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